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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gilberto:"I came here to win titles" (plus photos in Greece)

By 1970’s Gooner

What we have been reporting for some time now has finally come to a close with Gilberto putting pen to paper and signing a three year contract for Greek club Panathinaikos.

Speaking to the Greek media he admitted a hunger for winning titles again.

“Even if I won trophies with Arsenal and Brazil I'm still hungry to win more titles. I came to Greece because I have big ambitions, and it's very important for me to be able to continue to give my best” he said.

This comes after a three year barren period with Arsenal. Gilberto was a key part of the “invincibles” side that went through the 2003-04 Premier League season undefeated.

As well as that season’s league title, Gilberto also won the FA Cup twice and was captain on numerous occasions.

“When the Panathinaikos people outlined their plan for the future of the club and their ambitions I was impressed and I couldn’t but agree to their offer” he said.

He was also very impressed with the warmth and enthusiasm that he has received by the fans when he arrived.

“The reception was something fantastic. I didn’t expect it. I hope the fans show the same enthusiasm during the games” he continued.

Panathinaikos will participate in the second qualifying round of the Champions League but Gilberto will not be fully fit to play in that game.

"I'm sure we will qualify through to the group stages of the Champions League and I'm exited about being a Panathinaikos player" he said.

If however Panathinaikos gets through then there is a chance of a meeting against Arsenal in the next round and for Gilberto to play against his old club.

Gilberto’s league debut will be against his pal Rivaldo who plays for AEK Athens.

More photos


Anonymous said...

Fair enough,
glad to see he is happy there and he got a good reception.
credit to him for what he has done for us, i hope he does well there

Pratik Agrawal said...

I think its sad that he is finally leaving us. He was a great player for an Arsenal and will trully be remembered. Nice pics

Anonymous said...

DAF says: What a top class professional (like most Brazilians actually....Denilson, Eduardo and even Baptista have all conducted themselves immaculately when on Arsenal duty). We wish him all the very best - no true Gooner will ever have a bad word to say about him and he was a good loyal servant to the club. People should read about his upbringing if they haven't already.

I only hope that fans will understand that Adebayor is from similar beginnings - the only difference is that Ade has a sh*t agent. Don't get sucked into thinking that Ade bad mouthed / disrespected Arsenal - he doesn't and hasn't. Ade can be a real hero for us again next season.

Anonymous said...

Very sensible comments about Adebayor above. Quite agree.

Gilbs is a legend on the quiet, a proper Gooner.

Anonymous said...

no adebayor thinks he should get paid the same as henry did and he put himself in that category! i want him to go so bad because he thinks he is bigger than the club so he can feck off

Anonymous said...

Damn.. You guys who thinks Nasri and Fabregas is a logic combination, don't really get it...

Anonymous said...

i have just read about gilberto up bringing, and wow, all i can the lad deserves everything he has in life now...all the success couldnt happened to a nicer fella, and i hope he have all the success he deserves and more...6years or pure loyalty...true modern day professional, unlike some (adebayor)...