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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Arsenal are too dependent on Cesc Fabregas

By 1970’s Gooner

Midfield inspiration is what was clearly lacking against Fulham and midfield inspiration is what we got against Twente in the Champions League in the form of Cesc Fabregas.

The question is what will Arsenal do if and when Cesc is injured or unavailable in some other way. There is simply no one ready to replace his trickery, vision and creativity.

This is typical of Arsene Wenger’s teams that he builds. He creates a monster of a player who then goes on to dominate the way the team performs but becomes irreplaceable, at least in the short to medium term.

Prime examples of course are Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry when they were in their prime.

If Arsenal does not win anything this season will Cesc begin to question his future at Arsenal just like Vieira and Henry did before him?

And will someone have been developed by then to be ready to take up the mantle in time so that we do not have to wait a couple of seasons before he matures enough?

I doubt it.

In the meantime enjoy the goals we scored against a very weak Twente team.


Anonymous said...

Rosicky and Nasri can play in the creative midfield role, although i think Wenger has more faith in Denilson.

Anonymous said...

Rosicky and Nasri are no 10 type players rather than central midfielders in a 4-4-2 line-up.
One solution would be to go 4-5-1 with either Rosicky or Nasri playing a Hleb type role behind a single striker with Theo wide right and RvP wide left.

Anonymous said...

the word is "dependent".

Anonymous said...

The article is right. There is no one ready to replace Cesc. Remember what happened when he got injured last season?

Rohit said...






Anonymous said...

Actually I seem to recall Rosicky running the midfield against Liverpool a couple of seasons ago, when Cesc was either injured or rested.

The big if though is whether Rosicky can keep away from the treatment room.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, people said that about Bergkamp, Vieira and Henry. Bit of an exaggeration, though. Even when those three were all playing at the same time, it was claimed they were nothing without Henry.

And Arsenal haven't missed Henry anywhere near as much as many thought they would.

The fact is that players that are at quite that level are just very hard to come by and, unless you have buying power like Chelsea, you'd be very lucky to have more than a few at a time.

Anonymous said...

nasri can do all the things that fab does. nasri can play wide(left and right), central midfield and behind strikers.