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Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo of Lehmann at beer festival gets him dropped

By Aries

Stuttgart's head coach Markus Babbel was very annoyed with Jens Lehmann after his team’s 2-0 defeat by Cologne over the weekend.

He decided to come out of his area, rush way out to tackle an opponent and of course was left with egg on his face when the ball ended in the back of an unguarded net!

Reminds you of his mad rushes when he used to play for Arsenal doesn’t it?

And when Babbel found out that after the game Lehmann went to the Oktoberfest beer festival without permission he had enough.

The player has now been dropped for the cup game against fourth division side VfB Luebeck.

Lehmann said it had been a charity visit.

“The visit to the festival was part of a charity event which was planned a long time ago. It was not agreed with the club. Naturally, I accept measures taken by the sporting management” Lehmann said.

Jens had attended the festival with his wife Connie.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Jens now play for VfB Stuttgart, not Bayern?

Anonymous said...

Just a little correction, he now plays for Stuttgart.

cesc la vie said...


Always loved Mad Jens

Anonymous said...

I think the post somehow is wrong. It should be: VfB Stuttgart head coach and NOT Bayern head coach. Markus Babbel was a former player for the Bayern. So i think the post was trying to say Bayern's former player, Markus Babbel, ...

Anonymous said...

poorly written and factually wrong

Anonymous said...

If you believe what you have read recently then you would think that Arsenal are a load of cheating bastards. Not the type of bastards who cheat on their missus but the type who cheat on the football pitch.

Say you came from Mars, just landed in England and developed an interest in football you would probably reckon that Eduardo invented the dive and that Eboue thinks he is the new Maradona.

I admit that Eduardo made the most of his incident, he went down easier than Paris Hilton does but Eboue's latest "cheat storm" is that he tried scoring with a volley-ball tactic only seen on Eurosport at three in the morning.

I know for a fact that Eboue DIDN'T try to cheat the other day because I did the same last week in my own football match! SHOCK SHOCK HORROR! WRIGHTY7 IN CHEAT STORM! Why did I do it? It was just instinctive. I wasn't trying to score, I just did it. I think it was because I couldn't be arsed to get the ball when it went off.

Now I know that Arsenal have ball-boys but perhaps Eboue went back to the playing days of his youth and just did what was instinctive. Trying to catch the ball because he couldn't be bothered to get it. We know he can be lazy. Wait a minute.....that's Song. My mistake.

Eboue may seem a little bit of a doughnut at times but I don't think that he is daft enough to replicate Maradona.............

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that Arsenal don't "cheat" or "simulate" anymore than any other club but of course when they do it is highlighted more than Manuel Almunia's hair. Why? Fuck knows but I'm certain that we show more sportsmanship than anyone else.

How many clubs would offer to play a match again because of an unfair goal? I'm going back a few years but remember Arsenal V Sheffield United in the FA Cup? We offered to to replay the match because United were harshly done by. Would anyone else have done that?

Last season Andrei Arshavin showed true sportsmanship when he was felled in the box against Portsmouth only to get up and wag his finger at the ref indicating it was no foul. Did we hear about that for days? Fuck no.

I suppose this is the day and age we live in but people must remember the good as well as the bad. Arsenal are more sporting than Sporting Lisbon. We are a great club with great tradition and if I see those little fellas from Mars then I will let them know that fact.

Anonymous said...

Good to see someone copy and pasting a story on their own blog - not adding any personality or their own views to a post AND getting it 100% wrong.

Lehmann has NEVER played for Bayern - either Munich or Leverkusen. FFS - get it right mate.

Another Arsenal blog - you can consign to absolutely no thought from the editor - why is it called Arsenal ANALYSIS? I have seen neither in this story.

Come on mate - surely you can do better

Anonymous said...

Lehmann is a legend!

Anonymous said...

That body language can indeed account for 70 to 80 percent of communication, I believe too many people have misinterpreted the humility Cesc showed upon scoring the fourth goal for something that, imho, is simply not there but helps give weight to (yawn) tabloid gossip. Only a couple of yards away from goal & a reactionary training ground back-heel as opposed to an intentional, venomous pile-driver or considered lob, he merely showed why he's captain of The Arsenal & a fantastic role model. In an instant he made a statement of intent for his band of brothers 'Nowt to get carried away with boys, we've simply done our job'. With no disrespect to Wigan, who I like as they look to play good football, MUFC & CFC would expect to beat them 3 or 4 zip @ home without fuss. From what I could see, his reaction was borne of genuine humility & respect for fellow professionals along with quick thinking & cleverness following Adebayors contrasting behaviour of the previous week, nothing more, nothing less. I'm of the opinion that Cesc does not crave being the 'Star Player' as such but rather being in a team full of star players & the one responsible for them producing star performances, like Denis Bergkamp. On Adebayor, I don't think he should receive a ban for the celebration as he didn't breach any rules. Warned as to his future conduct & fined a few quid but no more than that. What's being lost in translation is that he didn't want to leave Arsenal, hence acting like a guy just dumped by his girlfriend & pretending he's not bothered whilst his actions say otherwise. We as Arsenal fans should close this chapter & acknowledge he had the ability to be the best target man going but lacked the mentality to achieve it & or prevent himself disappearing up his own backside.

RJP said...

Jens Lehmann is a cool guy who makes me laugh, he is insane.

Anonymous said...

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