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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Arsenal’s major weakness needs to be addressed, otherwise forget it

By 1970’s Gooner

What a moment to start talking about weaknesses in the team when we annihilated Porto so comprehensively.

In a performance that was reminiscent of past Wenger teams who played “total football”, beautiful football, football that most of us now only see when we play (or our children play) Play Station!

Nasri has come back to full fitness and is now dictating games.

Clichy is back to his startling best, both defensively and offensively.

Rosicky also back to his solid and influential performances.

Walcott after a run of games is the “old” Walcott we came to love.

Diaby has cut out the nonsense selfish bits and is becoming a monster.

So is Song and Eboue.

Bendtner is getting the goals.

Yet something bugs me and it has to do with our central defensive players.

Now that Gallas is out for another month we are definitely short on quality replacements.

My hair stands on end when I see Silvestre in the starting eleven. He is a disaster waiting to happen.

His latest gaffe was Burnley’s equaliser at the Emirates when he stepped out of defence without looking around to see if there was any danger.

He has repeated the same mistake in almost every game he played (think back to the game against Sunderland when Bent was through on goal on more than one occasion). He is also so slow it’s unbelievable. Even Sol is faster than him.

Campbell has been a revelation so far. He is strong, very good in the air but above all he is so experienced. However, as Wenger has said, he cannot play more than one game a week. Apparently after Tuesday’s game against Porto he is already suffering from fatigue and is doubtful for Saturday.

With Gallas and Djourou out and Senderos out on loan, the only alternative for Saturday, if indeed Sol is out, will be Silvestre.

Hull are no pushovers when it comes to strong, physical and fast forwards. Forwards like Altidorp and Fagan who look like giving Silvestre the run around.

God help us…

Let us hope we score more goals than they do.

Until Gallas returns to fitness I really think that Song (who is unavailable for Saturday’s game) can and should fill in at central defence.

Nasri (or Fabregas when he returns), Diaby and Denilson can form the trio in the 4 3 3 formation that is serving Arsenal so well this season.

Keep Silvestre on the bench Mr Wenger.


indy said...

i think sylvestre is more than adequate to rotate with sol, i mean the hardest game we have is the spuds away !!!

Anonymous said...

Another pointless article. The reality is that between now and the end of the season Silvestre is and will remain our 4th choice centre half. In the Summer we'll probably sell him and buy someone else (plus Djourou will be back) but for now, that's it. I don't love Silvestre, but you can't ignore the fact that he's actually done alright recently, and his inclusion hasn't made any difference to our winning run. So, as for Silvestre out "otherwise forget it", that doesn't really hold water either. Find something more interesting to write about please, bored of this kind of guff...

indy said...

agree with above

Anonymous said...

Eboue – Campbell – Vermaelen – Clichy
- Denilson –
- Diaby- -Nasri-
Bendtner – Arshavin

I honestly do think that this formation may be the way forward for arsenal football club. Obviously, when players return from injury and suspensions, players like rosicky, bendtner and denilson may lose there place to fabregas, v.persie and song. But I think this formation may add more stability to this maturing arsenal side.
Nasri and Diaby both provide the attacking potential to harm any defence while offering defence cover as both are more than capable of playing the holding role.
Another benefit would be the fact that cesc would still be given the free role and with arshavin playing in his natural role, this won't be a side lacking creativity with v.persie leading the line to capitalise.
Obviously some may question the defence and I would tend to agree but for a typical match against a team like Hull city, no disrespect even though I would like to, this defence should handle anything thrown its way with two of the most solid CB's in the premier league at the minute holding the line. But i totally agree that this is no longer acceptable, silvestre would'nt even be allowed on the chavs coach never mind there starting 11. A young, quick, capable CB bought in the summer would be more than welcome this summer!
So does anyone else have any thoughts on whether this formation may be an improvement??!!

Theo said...

I also think Silvestre is more than adequate cover. Afterall, he's our 5th choice centre-back (6th best if we play Song there). What more could we expect from a player that far down the pecking order? By all accounts he's also a great professional to have around the place, that can only help the younger players in the squad. Personally, I think our biggest weakness is our fans. The sooner with start getting behind ALL the players, the more chance we'll have of bringing home some silverware! C'mon you Redddddssss!

Anonymous said...


Spike said...

1970's Gimp;

You truly are a pathetic old twat. You are clearly only making such sensationalist headlines to engender hits. So well done you c*nt.

Your "analysis" has always been ropey at best and completely useless and wide of the mark more often than not.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Clichy back to his best? LOL Did you see how he missed an easy header to allow a straight run onto goal against Porto?

If we can swap Clichy for Melo I would do it in heartbeat. And the only reason would be Melo's poor form in the scudetto.

Arsene was quoted £21m for Melo. Clichy wouldn't even fetch £10m in todays market! He can't even get into the French team. And the French are that poor!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"one day the glass is half full, the next it's half empty...clichy back to his best?? i can't remember clichy's best but it ceratinly isn't back based on one performance, when he's been humiliated several times this season and will be again...what's the old walcott? he's useless and one goal against burnley won't change that...on tue he was back to his imperious inaccurate best...campbell was out of his depth against porto- the three weakest players in a 5-0 drubbing were all defensive...almunia, sagna and campbell.
i think we'll win the league actually, based on momentum, but it'll be the worst arsenal side to do that for many many years.
here's a question.
would denilson get into any other team in the top four in europe??"

spot on mate - not sure we will win the league though! will be very tight.

Keeper + CB for beginning of next season and we could dominate.

Boris Godunov said...

To Anonymous Cunt at 7:37: you don't know jack do you now? Clichy is by far our best left-back and is almost pure class. Sure he makes mistakes, just like Sagna and Campbell did on many occasions against Porto, but he was much better in offense, interceptions and overall performance. He's fun to watch and only needs to improve on his crosses, which Sagna probably never will. Vermaelen is the best center-back in the world and deserves an improved contract no doubt. As far as Silvestre, I don't think he can't cope with the likes of Hull, those bastards are slow and ugly and suits our brick-face just fine.

Anonymous said...'re such a hater!!! wuts wrong with you man? silvestre is an arsenal player, how about getting behind him. he could buy n sell you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you look at the goal against Burnley that we conceded it was niot Silvestre that was too slow, but Eboue.

And it was only because Eboue's clearance got pinged back almost immediately that both centre-backs got caught out. Not Silvestre's fault at all.

Also agree that he is doing a good job, which considering he is only playing now and again and not really getting a run of games is very commendable. It must be very hard to come in every 6 or 7 games and be expected to be on top form... Even Sol, who is 'The Rock' has the odd wobbly moment.

Fact is the boys, assuming they have some nounce of intelligence, should be expecting this and compensate accordingly... Diaby/Song/Denilson need to hold the line in front of the centre-backs until we are 4 nil ahead and then they can start roaming... But not before.

TonytheGooner said...

"God help us"..
relax for christs sake. take it easy on silvestre. we need to defend better as a team and attack balls into the box. if we do that we'll be fine. ya silvestre stepped up wrongly a couple of times but so did vermalaen. its disappointing when fans refuse to critise their favourite players but don't care to dish it out to others. fabregas can barely show up and still get 7/10 in player ratings while people like eboue and song can never get higher than a 7/10 on some blogs.
its like the players said, we win as a team, we lose as a team. its time some of our fans adopted this attitude too

Cpt John said...

You guys.. Author included are the reason if any that we might not win anything.. You are the most pessimistic set of fans in the premiership and it's disgusting!! Even Newcastle fans got behind their team more than we ever do in the season they went down!! We're on an amazing run and have a great chance to win the league and possibly the Champions league and you small-minded ingrates spend your time slagging off the only players we have available to do that!! Most of you are no better than the Skysports pundits that you claim to hate!! So what if you think Denilson can't get into the United or Chelsea team?? Or Sylvestre is not the most agile defender in the league?? They're the ones we've got and we should be content and get behind them!! If we were to win, you're the same idiots that would be shouting the loudest and proudest of your team yet you jump on them for making mistakes even when they're winning convincingly!! IMO you're all glory-hunting sorry excuse for fans!! Hurts me to say but go to Old Trafford and see the MU(SA) get behind O'Shea and Anderson who would not get in my team ahead of Denilson or Sylvestre!! Get some sense in your thick skulls and put aside your petty and insignificant personal opinions on individual players and get behind the team as an entire team/squad until the end of the season!!! Is that too much to ask???

Anonymous said...

Sol cannot play to often. He is good enough, but he is to old and I don't think that his back and knees can handle it. I don' want to se Silvestre in our lineup either, but he is OK considering that he is our last option as a centre back...

David said...

I have to agree john. I'm a gooner for life through thick and thin. We have the worst injury record in the premier league but you know something... We're gonna win it!

David said...

Just believe because 2010 is our year

David said...

Just believe because 2010 is our year

Anonymous said...

Sylvester is OK.

Find anothr topic next time mate.

26may1989 said...

The only real problem with the article is the headline - I may not agree with every detail in the article but 1970s makes some valid points.

In my opinion, the only two problems with our squad are (1) the CB options after Vermaelan and Gallas and (2) Almunia as first choice keeper. I'm not saying what we have is disastrous, and I'm sure we'll all be cheering every single player turning out for us in the run-in, but our back-up CB options are all questionable. Silvestre is ok 90% of the time but makes unfortunate and regular mistakes. Campbell is doing a heroic job but playing at this level clearly stretches him these days. I like Djourou but his positional play has been pretty poor in the past. Senderos is as good as gone, and we need Song in the middle of the park, where he has such a big impact on the game. Luke Ayling and Kyle Bartley look decent but who knows if either will cut it?

So whatever happens with Gallas, Campbell and Silvestre in the summer, we will certainly need to sign at least one CB, possibly two.

Personally, I hope that Wenger, as well as convincing Gallas to stay, has another go at getting Giorgio Chiellini. Yes, I know it was his challenge that resulted in RvP's latest injury (though it was a clean tackle) and yes, Chiellini clearly wanted to stay at Juve rather than join us last summer. But he's absolute class and Juve have had a poor season, so maybe.....

And then there's Gary Cahill, a much underestimated player I think. Trouble is he's been injured for a long time, so perhaps there will be question marks over him. But if there are no long term problems, surely we can convince a player to leave Bolton for us.

There are probably others too, but 1970s is certainly right to talk about CB being a point of real vulnerability in our squad.

Anonymous said...

Spot On man ...just ignore all them gunners who said that silvestere is good or he's an Arsenal player or this kind of Shit...??!! M.SILVESTERE is really our "weakness"..cause he allways trying 2 hide behinde players and looks Shakky most of the time beside i have never saw him made a solid challenge.
I allways thought singing him was a waste of money ....
If Mr.Wenger going 2 keep Faith on him i thinck We (arsenal) going 2 get Fucked Up ..!! FUCK m.silvestere...cause once u r a 'manunot' man u EX..u allways gonna be a a fucking Bad blod arround us 'GUNNERS' so I thinck he should Fuck Off and if all u gunners don't like that FUCK ALL YA...


Anonymous said...

He Just seems(m.silvestere) like he doesn't really Care...Allways Tired, wastefull and Sloppy ...!!
He should be the one every body look up 2..!!cause he's 30+ ...!!
But he's just So Bad ..! He's touch, control, vision and the way he Reads the Game is just So Bad..??!
last game he played against Burnley i thought we were Luckky 2 have some one like "T.vermallen" as he worked he's 'soks off' just 2 clean up 'm.silvestere' Mess...
M.Silvistere dosen't deserve 2 be an ARSENAL player..

Anonymous said...


another useless "article" by another "victor meldrew" type blogger with no fire in his balls. you lighweights have been moaning like cheap whores all season at my beloved club and have been using these useless and highly trecherous "articles" to try and undermind the confiedence of the club you claim to "support". even now, with the club still fighting fot the title and the european cup, you treacherous cock-roches have again crawled out from the gutters to betray my club for the sake of a few hits on your pathetic blogs. shame on you blogger...

Anonymous said...

Silvestre is not the only weakness. Against a better counter attacking team ie MU/Chelsea /AV I doubt Arsenal could score five goals.
as the qf beckons whoever Arsenal gets will be a much tougher team. There are no easy games .You have to take your chances. Failure to convert them will result in eleimination.RM were attacking like mad. They had chances galore to sew up the game.Their opponents were clinical and went thru.
AS AW likes to say we had 90% of the play the other team won with two shots at goal.

Anonymous said...

Swap clichy for melo? No way you idiot! Some people ain't got a clue, melo is overated and clichy is quality, one mistake dont make him useless you t**t

Anonymous said...

You put Song in defence then you have to put Denilson as DM, so what's the point?

Song has never proven he is a quality defender, so its better Song plays where he should rather than have two players who don't know their own positions.

Wenger has to address this defensive position in the summer. Gallas could yet leave, and Campbell and Silvestre should leave. Djourou has never impressed me and has been out for a year, Arsenal need to buy two quality center backs should Gallas go, a goalkeeper, DM back up and a striker.

And all those players need to be quality, not kids.

Denilson should be sold.

Ancell said...

I can't believe people are giving you grief for this article. My heart sinks every time I see Silvestre warming up before a game. Let's hope Tuesday to Saturday is enough time for Campbell to recover.

Disco Clogs said...

Silvestre has been ok,nothing more or less. but i agree with you overall. I worry every time the ball is around him. we should never have signed him,sent out the wrong message to the fans,as he's a man u throw away. for this reason I wouldn;t even want rooney,(even though he is arguably the greatest english player ever). The only probelms at the club at present are the board situation and the plastic fans. 1- it is only a game and wenger is proiving that you dont need to carried away by spending millions (although I believe he would if given the choice). even if he did as he points out its not a guarantee of success.only one team can win a competition at a time.
2- The board. No one in the board is going to give wenger millions of pounds to spend when they are like ly to be seeling up their share withn the next 12 months. Would you invest 20-30 million into a business that you knew you would be selling in the next year?
3- The fans. Get behind your team. We have a great team woth a great club ethos. many teams would love to be in our situation both on the field and financially. I actually enjoy the fact that we are doing things the hard way. makes you appreciate what we have got. just imagine the joy you will feel when you know we won the league on a shoe string in comparison. Come On You Gunners!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the author, Silvestre has been very much liable for the goals/penalties conceded whenever the guy has played this season. Silvestre is a disaster waiting to happen -I wouldn't want to be right here, but you guys will see. I would rather have the kid Bartley playing than Silvestre.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the article is inflamatory but there is truth the Silestre isnot that good. BUT he is 5th choice. Why do you expect him to be as good as the others? Have ever managed a team of any sort? Clearly not because you would know your back up are not as good as you first choice, if they were they would not sit on the bench. What you and the other Silvestre haters are showing is a lack of intelligence. Try engaging your brains first, it may save the rest of the true Arsenal fans some pain! Regarding Chlichey, it is true that his form as not returned since injury but he is getting better with each game. His still is about speed of tackle and interception. That is what made him outstanding. There he needs games to get his timing back. The Melo comment is again one based on tabloid knowledge rather than football knowledge. The comment about Song player cd is equally stupid. Song is only liked now because of his dm performances. Why not put him in goal whilst you are at it! The only real weakness in our side is striker. Bendtner is not good enough, Eduardo is unlikley to recover from the shocking injury and RVP is injury prone. Lets focus on supporting the team, call for better strikers and we should be there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are a disgrace, stay away from arsenal, your pathetic, stop writing muck u anti arsenal cunt, fuck off

Anonymous said...

you guys are missing the point.The author is just spot on. Support is one thing, reality is another.

Anonymous said...

Sol has had some dodgy moments since he returned to us, but as an Arsenal legend, he is given some leeway that is not accorded to Sylvestre. Whilst understandable, it is hardly fair.

Anonymous said...

Cascarino says it, do the opposite?

Two weeks ago Tony Cascarino was one of the first pundits to weigh in on Ryan Shawcross’ leg-breaking tackle on Aaron Ramsey calling it “mistimed” and not even a red card:

There’s a difference between an awful injury and an awful challenge. Ryan Shawcross’s tackle on Aaron Ramsey was mistimed but not malicious — the same as Martin Taylor’s on Eduardo da Silva two years ago. Let’s not hang the Stoke City defender out to dry because poor Ramsey was simply unlucky. I don’t even think the tackle deserved a red.

Today, he called the same tackle “horrendous” while going on to say that the Boateng tackle deserved a straight red. I don’t want to jump the gun here, but it’s almost as if he’s saying something, well, in line with Arsenal.

I’m confused, I always say and do the opposite of Cascarino and I thought that the Boateng tackle was a straight red. So, maybe the Boateng tackle wasn’t even a yellow card?

2. Stan Collymore adds to the confusion

Now this is really weird… Stan Collymore has long been a fan of Nicklas Bendtner, dating back to last year he said that Bendy would come good and be a star — if only we’d stop booing him. And then again in today’s column he’s once again come to the defense of Bendtner saying that he told us NB would be a great player and that the hat trick against Porto proves it. If you only read those two lines you might think Collymore is a huge Arsenal supporter, after all, I’ve been saying the same thing for a year now. But don’t let his love for Bendtner distract you, in those same two articles he also says the following:

With their crowd’s help, the Gunners may just be able to pip Aston Villa to fourth in the Premier League. (2009)


Bendtner’s heroics go to show that, of the 60,000 fans at the Emirates, only the 30,000 or so who would have got into Highbury appear to know anything about football. (2010)

You’ll remember how Arsenal “pipped” Aston Villa to fourth place by ten points and two places (they finished below Everton) last year and as for the second quote, I was AT the game where he claims that 30,000 fans booed Bendtner off the pitch (or that the applause was ironic) and I didn’t see it that way. There were a few folks who were frustrated with NB’s misses against Burnley but as the second half wore on the fans were behind him and oohing and ahhing at his work rate and rightly applauded him leaving as he left the pitch. Listening to a certain podcast (and the guy behind me who rode him the whole game) there were certainly some angry jeers and ironic applause but hardly the 30,000 Collymore claims.

The point for me is crystal clear, we need to ignore folks like Collymore irregardless of whether he makes a positive or a negative statement and just simply get behind the team. All footballers occasionally have poor games and we can reasonably expect is that they put in a full shift. After Saturday’s last gasp goal against Hull, does anyone question Nicklas Bendtner’s commitment?

Good, then let’s move on and flush the Collymore’s down the bog where they and their click-whoring web site belong.

3. Graham Poll’s 50-50 challenge

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Graham Three Yellow Cards Poll has weighed in on the Hull game on the weekend and gets it 50% right, which isn’t bad for him. He explains (to Mr. Orange) why Sol didn’t see a red for the challenge which earned a penalty — basically Mr. Long Name lost control of the ball. Unfortunately he then insinuates that Sol’s challenge on Zyatte was a foul and thus deserving of a yellow (which it wasn’t) and that Arsene would have been angry had the same tackle been put in on Arsenal.

Funny thing there, Graham, Arsenal did suffer several x-rated challenges in that game and I don’t remember Wenger going on about it, so I guess you’re wrong about that.

The good news is that Poll is calling for more protection ahead of the World Cup and wonders what would happen if Rooney were to get injured — of course.

4. Happy Birthday Theo!

Theo Walcott celebrated his 21st birthday in some style this weekend. I think I know what’s wrong with Eduardo’s form lately, he’s suffering from OD, Over Denim. Also, what’s up with inviting Gareth Bale to the party? Maybe Theo was trying to poison him ahead of the North London derby?

Anonymous said...

I support arsenal not silvestre. Playing Silvestre is not in the good for arsenal, so this article is totally sensible.

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