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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wenger needs to get his and Hillwood’s cheque book out

By 1970’s Gooner

It is true that any team in the world will miss seven fist teamers like Arsenal have missed at various times this season. Robin van Persie, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Song, Arshavin, and Fabregas.

But if their replacements were good enough then their absence would not have been felt so much. And Arsenal have suffered.

When the first teamers were out Wenger had to rely on aged players like Silvestre and Campbell or on young kids like Denilson, Eastmond and Bendtner.

The depth of the squad is simply not good enough and it is indeed a miracle that we have consistently been in the top four in the last five seasons.

I feel however that no major surgery is required in the squad but the major deficiencies have to be seriously addressed in time for next season.

And if Wenger finally gets his and Hilwood's cheque book out we may well be celebrating the title this time next year.

First and foremost Almunia and Fabiansky have to go. They have let us down on many an occasion this season and in important games too. No title winning team can rely on these two inadequate clowns.

And to think that we passed over Van de Sar when he was available as well as Shay Given last season! Wenger should buy a top class goalkeeper there’s no two ways about it.

Next shambles this season was our defensive cover. It was well known in advance that Djourou will not be able to offer cover to the two first choice defenders, Gallas and Vermaelen yet what does Wenger do?

He lets Senderos go out on loan, brings in Campbell and keeps Silvestre. Campbell has been brilliant but could not be used too often due to age and Silvestre …well, as I wrote too often in the past, he is a disaster waiting to happen.

Djourou’s long term fitness should be assessed and if he is ok then we need to bring in another quality central defender.

A central defensive midfielder is also needed because we cannot really expect Denilson to play that role every time Song is out injured, on Africa Nations Cup duty or banned.

And finally if Chamach is indeed coming this summer then we will not need more reinforcements in the forward positions.

All I can say is that Chamakh should have been at the Emirates in January. We may have been closer in the title race than what you may think.

Still, better late than never.

And if Wenger buys the right players this summer then all these barren years would have been well worth enduring.

For they will be seen as the necessary investment in the time needed to bring on the talented youngsters, like Fabregas, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Nasri, Walcott and van Persie to Premier and Champions League domination.


Chipping Von said...

Denilson is NOT just a young kid any more though. He has had more than enough time to develop and has not produced what he should have.

Ship him out along with a whole load of other embarrassing failures that have disgraced the shirt over various games this season.

Anonymous said...

the worst blog i,ve read for a long time. tlented youngsters my ass. all our team bar arsh, fab, rvp, clichy, song and ramsey need shipped out and the manager can follow them with his ass cleaner rice

Anonymous said...

To throw away a two goal lead with ten minutes remaining is criminal.Juventus let such a slip to MU in the cl years ago.
The defence with the goalies have been a liability these six years.
Enough has been said.AW shd be humble to take a leaf from Eveton/Av how to introduce kids into the senior team.Everton's defeat of MU is agood example.

Anonymous said...

You alwys keep blaming Wenger n players everytime we lose bt no one has ever question the board intergrity over ths issue. Board alwys come out & say publicly tht money is there for Wenger to buy any player he wishes bt behind the scene they instruct Wenger not to buy any player worth above £60,000 wages a week.Who is fooling who?Board alwys trick pple to buy their expensive season ticket.Tht's how.

Anonymous said...

Aw must go now you must go now before to get fuck idiot or buy very good player, is killing our lovely team like this why ooooh my God go.

Anonymous said...

The board of arsenal their must stop playing with our team now as well we all know you are the main problem's for our arsenal please stop your policy of rabbish now give what the fans need.

Anonymous said...

Why everyone says Chamakh only is sufficient up front? I don't think he is good enough for Arsenal. We already have Bendtner who is similar player. We should go after Villa or some of the top guns not second rated players.

Anonymous said...

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has had more than enough time to develop and has not produced what he should have.

Ship him out along with a whole load of other embarrassing failures that have disgraced the shirt over various games this season.

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