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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tributes for Chamakh: “For me he is one of the best strikers in Europe and number one in France"

By Aries

The Bordeaux club’s people have begun to pay homage to Marwan Chamakh, who they consider a terrific footballer and person.

It seems that Arsenal will gain not only a very good footballer but someone with a very pleasant, kind and enthusiastic personality. Attributes that Wenger always considers important.

Patrick Battiston, Director of Bordeaux ‘s Training Centre, is sad to lose him but wonders if it is the right time for him to move:

“Well, obviously I would have liked him to stay a little longer. But that's life, that's football. The bird leaves the nest.

Whether it's the right time for him ... I do not know, you never know. Some are happy while staying in the same club, others want to discover new horizons, to learn other things”.

“Chamakh certainly earned the right to leave. But of course, emotionally, seeing a boy like him, especially when he is so nice it is always very emotional. It is even a little sad.

We had fun working with him. He has gradually taken large steps, while remaining the same, kind and enthusiastic. So yes, we will regret it. He has been a symbol to us”

Elie Baup who the Girondins coach between 1997-2003 considers Chamakh as the number one in France and one of the best strikers in Europe!

"Marwan was one of the most gifted players of his generation. He was rapidly improving every season and became one of the best strikers in Europe”.

“He's a player every coach would like to have in their team, for his generosity, altruism and the quality of his game head. For me, he is number one in France.

At Arsenal, he will continue to grow, because he will find himself in a supportive environment alongside players such as Nasri”.

Has Wenger unearthed another gem? Watch the video above...


Anonymous said...

playing 4-4-2 with arshavin rvp chamakh and nasri up front .awesome
hew looks the real deal

Anonymous said...

Sod just getting Chamakh , Who was putting in the crosses ?

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the info. Seems he´s a good hard-working lad and hopefully he´ll inspire some of his new teammates to work harder as well.

Scott Ickes said...

I can see why AW thought of him - his highlights with ball at his feet in the box are similar to RvP. He seems a more athletic Bendtner, too. So he won't give us a different option but an extra player to keep within the same system being built around Cesc and RvP.

What are we going to do with Vela and Walcott? When will they come into a 4-4-2 to use their pace and finishing (b/c their wing artistry leaves too much to be desired)?

Anonymous said...

Let's at least spell his name correctly; it's Marouane, not Marwan =). Hope he turns out to be a hit though, although he might not have the most impressive scoring record, he might well be more convincing in that regard while with us! cheers

Anonymous said...

anon 6:13 Shaun Wight Phillips

Anonymous said...

Forget about scoring records and what not - adebayo and even henry had no impressive scoring stats before le boss acquired them

Anonymous said...

his name is marwan which is arabic not marouane which is an english transcription. u know he is morrocan which is arab.

AholeWanger said...

I live in France and have seen him play for Bordeaux many times. In short he is a Peter Crouch figure without his first touch,speed or ability to score goals. His only saving grace is that he's reasonable in the air. Arsene's lost the plot....

The Fan said...

In the system arsene plays, the "pragmatic side" aka the right side of the pitch (eboue , walcott,(when RVP plays)bendtner and sagna play this side) would be giving the crosses so if walcott becomes more consistent and sagna has enough help to do the great, reliable crosses into the box that he does then chamakh will be fine.
Whether chamakh plays in the middle or the techincal/left side(nasri, arshavin and clichy) or even the right side instead of bendtner I am not sure.

I really hope that when we come against teams that park the bus we have RVP chamakh and bendtner just so we can score without cesc from crosses. Arshavin works too since he can still manage somehow to score in tight situations.

And to AholeWagner, if you're right, then I am sure Wenger can sort out his first touch and speed will come by playing in the premier league. Goal scoring though I am not sure about. IMO though your just a spurs fan. No offense

ozziearsenal said...

If we play 4.3.3 will will have chamakh rvp bendtner rotating positons up front 3 over 6ft speed ,heading ability ,work rate,and very good ball controll all can play 4.5.1 keep our midfield as is maybe add D.M to help song all we need is some height on our back line C.B and were back to arsenal of old .a lot more Power to bully other teams for a change .

Anonymous said...

how has wenger unearthed another gem if this guy has been blowing up Ligue 1 for years??? Give me a break

Unknown said...

Aholewenger u are probably one of those bordeaux fans who is finding it hard to accept that ur best player has decided to leave ur club and move on to a better club. dont hurry u will get over it

Joe said...

he is very good in the air, so is bedtner and rvp but the problem is the way the team play. we rarely deliver such threatening crosses & set pieces

Anonymous said...

great now we have 2 player good in the air, and we will let gael & sagna,our overlaping fullback to supply those crosses :)

Anonymous said...

looks good .sure he and vp will link well.anyone know what the music is??? pleaseeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

looks well goog. hope he and vp link well.anyone know what the music is???

Anonymous said...

Stonebridge - put em high

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