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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Galas to join Greek club Panathinaikos

By 1970’s Gooner

Gallas was offered only a year’s extension on his contract with Arsenal and was also set a deadline by Arsene Wenger to make his decision known by the end of May.

That deadline has come and gone and Gallas, who is usually quite outspoken, has kept totally quiet. So quiet that he has recently refused to appear before the media alongside Hugo Lloris at France's base in Knysna, Western Cape. Only the goalkeeper turned up.

"William has decided not to speak to the media for the duration of the World Cup finals," a team spokesman said, without elaborating.

One possible reason was that he was bypassed for the France captaincy by coach Demenech for Patrice Evra.

Another reason could well be however that he may not have wished to face questions about his mooted move to Greek club Panathinaikos, where his mate, ex Liverpool player, Jibril Cisse is plying his trade.

Radio Monte Carlo in France has reported, in the same manner it first broke the news last year about Cisse joining Panathinaikos, that Gallas has received yesterday night (Monday) an offer of a two year contract with 5m euros per year.

Cisse is likely to fill him in on Greek football and way of life. He has actually benefited from his move to Greece finishing top goal scorer and getting called up in the France national team for the World Cup.

Gallas’s contract with Arsenal ends on 30th June and the player is likely to keep his mouth shut till then.

What this means is that in one go four central defenders may be leaving Arsenal en masse. Gallas and Silvestre’s contracts are not likely to be renewed, Campell is thinking about joining Celtic and Senderos has today signed for Fulham.

This leaves us at the moment with Vermaelen and Djourou. No wonder Wenger has been talking about strengthening the defence.

He has to get on with it pretty soon though….


Jaaaack said...

Gilberto Silva also plays there.....btw its "Djibril"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just TV and DJ as our competent CB is a big NO NO!!! Song can fill in as well but I would prefer him to be used as a DM.

Therefore Wenger needs to bring in at least 2 CB. I would prefer the Lorient guy and Kjaer (Bendtner's danish team-mate). Sahko would be a good one as well, but is unlikely to be coming.

Nordveit and Bartley are way too young.

Also the German guy whom is out of contract, if he comes, it would be great too. Plus the Juve guy whom broke RvP foot during the italy vs NDL friendly.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Subotic coming in, and other favourite is Zapata, but i think he's not available.

Anonymous said...

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