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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I hope Walcottless England get knocked out at the group stages

By Aries

Four years ago we were all shocked when a kid called Theo Walcott was selected in the world Cup squad.

This time round, having had a strong hand in helping England qualify for the World Cup scoring that amazing hat trick in Zagreb, he is left behind by an ill advised Fabio Capello.

This means that Arsenal have no player representing England in the World Cup. This is my first reason for withdrawing my support for this team.

The other reason is almost as important. This squad contains four Spurs players.

Ledley King, who will probably fall injured in the first game he plays,

Aaron Lennon, who is nowhere as good as Theo in front of goal,

Peter Crouch who will prove inadequate once the opponents stick a decent defender against him who can head the ball,

And Jermain Defoe who will most probably warm Capello’s bench.

At least Theo will have a full pre season free from World Cup tiredness, both physical and mental, ready to take on the premiership defences and mount a serious title challenge with Arsenal FC.


Arse&Nose said...

a lot of gooners feeling the same way.

England always seemed to be a bit cliquey, and Arsenal have never been well represented.

Even when Adams,Wright,Dixon, Winterburn and co were around they hardly got any caps compared to spurs or man utd players.

Anonymous said...

first of all if you have watched him all season(or when he has been available)he has not done it for us and needs to find a new position in the Arsenal team as he is not a right winger, he would be better coming in from the left, like TH14, and inviting tackles around the box, or running on to passes from AA or RVP. or stick him up front like a fit micheal owen...
secondly at least he will have a summer off as he was wasting his time in the U21 team in the summer and was even left out of one of those games!!

thirdly, as you say spuds have 3 or 4 in the squad, a champs league season and they will all be more knackered by february than if they were not selected, so at least use that as a positive, forget your team for 2 months abd support your country, and have the last laugh next mMay!!!

Anonymous said...

He'll be itching to prove Capello and the rest of England wrong come August, that's all that matters. I'll also be supporting countries based on Arsenal player content :)

Crimson said...

What a discrace. How can anyone want England knocked out because they did not pick a Arsenal player who as failed to improve?

Unknown said...

unlike Arsene.. Fabio does NOT reward mediocrity..

Arsene knows.. bollocks..

Anonymous said...

England looked clueless against japan.
its unfair all this criticism of walcott.
he hardley gets given the bal and when he does they expect a miracle pass everytime.
lennon is rubiish he had a few good games for spuds so what! he has never done it at international level and has no european experience.
England will struggel with or without theo.
i wanted spain to win it but cescs defection from the Arsenal cause means i now want france to win it.
i think diaby will be a revelation at this world cup.

Anonymous said...

"Even when Adams,Wright,Dixon, Winterburn and co were around they hardly got any caps compared to spurs or man utd players."


Adams got plenty of caps, as did Dixon. Adams spent a significant length of time as captain of England for god's sake.

I think Winterburn should possibly have had more recognition but at the time the position was Stuart Pearce's, end of.

Wright... I think he got a fair go in an England shirt but again, there were better options around at the time.

As for Walcott... He's been poor this year, injury problems, taking time to regain his form, doubts over how much he can actually do in a game at the moment...

I would have liked to have seen him go, but I certainly don't think think he's entitled to a place.

Anyone who is going to stop supporting England over this is an immature prick, as someone else already said here.

Anonymous said...

fabio will only pick players who have played regularly and well for their clubs... like Emile Heskey! Fabio's a hypocrite. Bent was 3rd top goalscorer in the premiership, yet cant get a look in over an old man who didnt start for his club and has one of the worst goalscoring records for a striker. takin a striker who cant score to be a link man is pointless, take an extra midfielder and use a real threat as the link man in that case!

Anonymous said...

Walcottless England?

Even when Theo plays the team is Walcottless..Arsenal or England.

The lads rubbish. One dazzling run against Liverpool and a freak hattrick against Croatia does not make up for the four years of crap we've had to watch

If he wants to be on the plane for one of footballs biggest prizes he better learn to play football first..Saying that, he is in his twenties now, if he hasnt learned the basics of football by now he never will.

Anonymous said...

walcot is crap and one dimension so don't reali think he deserves a place in the team, well on his season gone by performace anyway..i know he had a lot of injury, but could he have avoided those if he had listen to wenger and not played for the senior and under21's last summer!

Anonymous said...

lets face it england aint going to win anything at the world cup. they aint got the team to go all the way, gerrard is past it, no real team leader, no one to lead by example, crouch is shit, rooney think hes gods gift to the game and doesnt play other team members into the game, expecting player to be wherever he passes the ball and then sulks if he doesnt get the ball, grow up u ugy minging boy and for the manager (wdf?) two friendlies and still experimenting?, and who doesnt clearly know who england number one is? lets stop talking about england going there to win the world cup, england would suprise me if they get past the second roond, i hope spain wins with flare and style unlike grubby england star player theo

Anonymous said...

i hope aswell, i will be supporting rvp's holland team FOR SURE.. i hate the spanish for all the tapping up xavi etc has done to cesc and i cant see myself supporting the french even though we represent them well in amount of players ..


Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal fan, I did habour some hope that at least 1 Arsenal man would make the England team, I think ultimately Englands loss will be Arsenals gain next season when we get a fresh Wallcott, Arshavin and Nasri back.... Having said that, I also think Wallcott didn't do anything to help is chances of going to South Africa. He does plan in a signal dimension.. which doesn't both me so much as isn't that what Owen built is career on ??? The only difference is that Walcott plies is trade on the right side of mid field. Maybe what he lacks is that killer instinct or strikers greed to score goals... we'll see at the start of the new season if he's learnt or if Arsenal will test him up front.

Unknown said...

u total dildo. i am a gooner of 53 years and i am not so blind as to not see walcott is bloody hopeless for england save for one game. grow up mate

cesc la vie said...

Ooooh, people seem to be getting upset. 'Support your country!' they cry en masse. Well, I was born in North London, as were all my family, and I also served in the forces for seven years. I can categorically say that I couldn't give a monkey's toss about Eng-er-luund. I went to the WC in France 98 and was appalled at the neanderthals (all from 2nd/3rd division pikey clubs from oop north) and the general 'England experience' They play shit football, are perennial losers, and don't even get me started on the moral quandry involved in cheering on cunts like John Terry and Big Fat Frank.

Arsenal till I die. England?.. Couldn't care less.

I'll be supporting Eboue.

Anonymous said...

It is true that he is one- dimensional but the fact is he is in different dimension than anybody els on this England team. He could be the impact sub that changes tha game. He has done it many times for Arsenal and this is his biggest strength. Certainly not a starter. I can bet at least 5 people from that team will not paly even a second during the tournament. Instead of these tourists he would have been much more useful if needed.
As a matter of fact, England will not go further so anyway not a big loss. This will spare him the disapointment and give him more time to prepare for the new season.
His biggest mistake was that Psycho convince him to waste his preseason last year.

Unknown said...

DOn't want to fall into the debate if Walcott is good enough or not but I have got a feeling that Capello is afraid!
He has chosen all experience for youth and talent. He is not convinced with his WORLD BEATER STARS like Lamps, Gerro etc. who miss penalties in White/Red kit and score all in Blue kit!!!

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

I support Robin van Persie and the Orange Crush :)

Anonymous said...

This is by far the most idiotic post ive ever had the misfortune of reading,Walcott is s hite thats why hes not going to South Africa,thats from a 39yr old season ticket holder at the Emirates.Shocking post !

Unknown said...

Is Wright Phillips a better option than Theo? or is Lennon a better option?

I doubt it very much

Think Capello scored an own goal

how many games will Barry play and be effective in?

Seems scoring a hatrick in qualifying doesn't entitle you to a place in a piss poor squad whats the world comin too?

Apart from Rooney, England have no outstanding players they have average players like Ashley Cole, John Terry (who in my opinion should have been dropped from the Squad and Wayne Bridge Included) Frank Lampard and they have over rated footballers such as the afore mentioned Barry and Gerrard

the rest are just poor players

all that said, would love ot see England do well in South Africa

Danish Gooner said...

Stop bitching walcott simply isnt up to it,Both Joe cole,shaun w and even that scum Aron L is better the n theo w.

Anonymous said...

On a different matter trust me on this Joe Cole will be at....... Old trafford next year wearing the red of Man Utd. Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

p.s I am an arsenal fan but cole will be at manu FACT

Anonymous said...

If you watched Rooney in the last 2 friendlies, he has made it clear he doesn't like playing with Walcott

Goons_with_Guns said...

He's just not good enough. End of.

Anonymous said...

FFS we are english we support our country!!!

I love Arsenal and really wanted walcott to go just to give us something to talk about.

But the honest truth is he is CRAP.

What has he done for us... ok he did inspire a great comeback against barca... and a mazy run and goal against liverpool... oh and a very nice hat trick against croatia.


He is not good enough and did nothing to impress in the 2 england games!!


Anonymous said...

Strange that there are so many contributors have the same lingo and come from the same pile,it must be the perfect dump where they must ferment together. Or may be they were brought up with no more than four/five letter words,poor souls.

Anonymous said...

If you find supporting your country to be something optional that you can turn on and off then you never really supported your country at all - it's sad that whole generation of Arsenal fans have come to associate English footballers as players who play for teams like Spurs, Chelsea and Man Utd... I hear Spanish shirts are on special offer... Oh, now Cesc is off it'll have to be Holland you support. Sad times to be a Gooner.

Anonymous said...

<<<<<>>>> Capello has made the wrong decision in not taking Walcott. He is definitely worth the risk of inclusion, if you look how important he was for Arsenal when we played against Barca in the champions league.

I empathise with Walcott for missing out on a World Cup spot, but at the same time i feel it is the fault of Walcott himself and the fault of Capello and Stuart Pearce.

Wenger never wanted Walcott to play for England under 21's and the England national team because it exposed Walcott to more chances of injury and if Walcott and playing for both squads made it seem like Walcott hadn't fully developed into a proper England international which would mess with his confidence.

Walcott didn't listen to Wenger and Capello and Pearce thought differently to Wenger. The result was Walcott played for both England and England under 21's, Walcott got injured and also got subbed off in the England Under 21's which made him lose his confidence.

Perhaps things would be different had he listened to Wenger. As they say Arsene knows best!

your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

After all Capello is Italian, and it must be made certain EWngland is not going to far eventually facing Italy and winning. All foreign coaches have made a mockery of the squad selection past couple of WC's. And the FA - well, one day that present clique with their selfish motivs will hopefully retire.

barry the gooner said...

what drivel look at most of the posts walcott has not progressed from day 1 lets hope this gets him thinking of putting more variety into his game time will tell.

SingaporeGooner said...

I too hope that England get knocked out..but maybe in the second least then the talk will be that if Walcott had played they could have fared better..we all know how fickle the media is...

Anonymous said...

Walcott should poor as much energy into improving as a footballer as he does talking to the press day in and day out. Walcott doesn't have the foresight to be a class footballer to be honest......

MoW said...

aries, if you are an Englishman then you are a bit of a twat aren't you.

if you aren't then fair enough.

either way walcott can't complain, and certainly gooners can't.

Iceman Gunner said...

Cant complain he didn't get into the 23.
I have written on the reasons that resulted in his omission. Check it out if you get time.

uyai07 said...

serously, you a bigger shame than a Spurs fan.

Are you an Arsenal fan, Walcott with no speed will be championship, it takes an honest Gunner to say it but its the truth, lest be realistic here, Our best English youth U-21 are far better than him, even Benik Afobe is showing signs.

We have 11 other players going to the WC and of the 11 10 derseve it, Diaby beeing picked by France is a disgrace.

soo pls, Be realistic don`t let personal views influence.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry England will lose , after all the majority are cheats and over rated .
I support any team that wins against or USA .

Anonymous said...

Come Germany , Denmark , Honduras , Nigeria any team than England or USA

Anonymous said...

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