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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bendtner’s tattoo says it all

By Aries

Nicklas Bendtner and his other half, TV Baroness Caroline Fleming, have given an interview to Elle magazine which is to be published this week.

Extracts from the interview which have been published in advance show that the young Arsenal striker is very much in love and enjoying family life with his super rich partner and her two young children.

“When I got into Caroline's life with the kids and all, it was a huge change and something I had never tried before.

You look always for the right person, one who can mirror yourself in and hit it off with. With Caroline, I got almost the whole package at once and it is a gift "said Bendtner.

Nicklas Bendtner is now stepfather to Caroline's two children, Alexander who is six and Josephine almost four years and he enjoys it:

"Sometimes Josephine goes up on your toes, because Caroline always goes on toes, because she is accustomed to walking in high heels. These are small things, it's nice to notice.

Alexander and I play hockey and soccer in the hallway. We move things just by the way and then we play. It's great when children love sports”

Nicklas and caroline are so much in love that they have tattooed each other’s name on their left wrist. So when you see Bendtner kissing his left wrist after he scores you will know why he is doing it!

“It's pretty funny because I was never a person who would tattoo. Very modern. Super Modern. It is like a jewel. I think it's so beautiful, "said Caroline Fleming”

In three months Nicklas becomes a father for the first time and he is very happy with his lot:

“When you are in love and enjoying your career, you can not be anything but happy” said Bendtner.


Anonymous said...

Don't get the title of this piece. Are you taking the piss or - like the rest of us - have no idea what it means.

And is this really important on the eve of a champs lge match and after a home defeat?


Anonymous said...

You have plenty of space bottom left of your blog for some more adverts.

Danish Gooner said...

Who gives a fuck about who he is ploughing,he is a complete sissy on and off the field.If i see one more article about how much they are in love i am gonna be sick.

Anonymous said...

You have absolutely nothing better to do ... if you wanted to post anything on Bendtner, it should be about when he is ever returning to the team

shedzy said...

Maybe Nik is maturing......... i couldn't help but think that we could have used him against the Brummies on Sunday - i know its easy to talk about how cack we were (and we were) but when we got the first goal back, we had some momentum, and he'd have been an asset......

interesting post (despite the views of the other 4 posters!)

Anonymous said...

Completely and utterly irrelevant and pointless bit of trivia ahead of tonights game.....Who cares? Doh!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Provides an independent, analytical and mature approach to Arsenal's games and related issues."

That's from your own tagline!

How exactly does this rubbish in any way relate to your tagline.


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