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Monday, September 27, 2010

I hope Wenger drops more players

By 1970’s Gooner

Almunia has been dropped of course. Arsene Wenger has used this cheap excuse of a phantom injury to drop Almunia in the past usually right after similar howlers.

It is not all poor Almunia’s fault of course. Arsene Wenger chose, for whatever reason, not to replace him this season and now he has to drop him and play another suspect keeper who hasn’t put a foot right in almost all his important appearances in the first team!

God help us, for if Fabianski doesn’t mess up big time in Belgrade he will likely play against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge….

Yet that”pathetic” as I called it, performance against West Brom was not only down to the keeper. There were a host of other players that let us, the team and themselves down.

Players like Clichy who hasn’t been himself lately,

Sagna who looked tired when Thomas just went passed him,

Koscienly who lacked pace,

Diaby who looked out of sorts,

Song whose covering and passing let him down,

Eboue who failed to give width and

Arshavin who this season gives me the creeps because I fear he may be passed it (I hope I am wrong).

I would give Denilson a chance. He looked sharp whenever he came on and looks much more mature, physically and mentally this season.

I would rest Clichy and if Gibbs is fit enough (he is travelling with the squad) I would give him a game. He deserves it and he has been in good form lately.

I would also give Sagna a rest. He needs it. Eboue can deputise.

Rosicky should come in and play on one of the flanks.

I wouldn’t start with Wilshere in Belgrade, he is too young to face a partisan crowd and players.

I would consider saving Chamakh for the Chelsea game as he is the only real choice for this position and we do really need to get a result at Stamford Bridge.


Eboue Konscienly Squillaci Gibbs

Denilson Song


Rosicky Vela Arshavin


Anonymous said...

he has not been dropped. he is injured. why drop one clown when the next clown chosen by our delusional manager is twice as bad?

time to drop wenger.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Koz doesn't lack pace, he is exceptionally fast. He played well against WBA. Not his best but he made countless tackles and interceptions. You said nothing about squillaci who was very poor, his poor pass lead to the first goal and poor positioning lead to the 2nd, he is the slow one and i hope he improves on that game. But as you said the biggest concerns were the fullbacks and the Diaby...i have said it many times - he cannot play without fabregas in the team! When fabs plays diaby is a monster w/o fabs he is MIA

Anonymous said...

Wenger is not to blame here. Well he is for not getting a decent keeper in when the german nut left. Alumnia was never a 1st choice keeper, and unfortunately between him and that polish waste of space our seasons goals slip from our sights time and time again.

Have faith in Wenger, he knows what he's doing. You have to look at it from a team’s mental approach. Keepers can have a massive impact mentally for a team. I've played team sports all my life, and when your keeper is as much use as a chocolate fire guard, then this will affect the players on the pitch. Howlers do not sit well with anyone, fans, players, or managers.

Don't give up on the Arsenal, we will get there, we just need to sort our keeper situation sorted out. Once that's done, the team will be unstoppable!

Belve said...

While I generally sit back and read your mostly pessimistic posts and leave well enough alone, I think this time you are simply makaing a story to fit what you like.

Almunia is injured and if I am right it happened in the match quite well before the 3 goals went in but after he stopped the penalty.
Perhaps you should as should the players themselves go back and watch the match. I hold Almunia at fault.. for not saying he wasn't 100%, which I am sure he would not want to say for fear one of the other 2 Polish keepers would get in and actually do well.
As much as people are getting down on Almunia.. it wasn't all his fault and he has been decent most of the season.

To the person that said drop Wenger.. and exactly who would you hire to replace.. Fat Sam?
Wenger is not infallible but he is by far and away amongst the top 10 managers .. In the world. The players have to make the application and put in the work to be champions. And they need to know if they win it.. they will get kicked even harder so get used to it.

Tony Attwood said...

I do think that any analysis of the club at the moment has to include the fact that several key players are injured: Van P, Theo, Cesc, Vermaelen, Bendtner Ramsey.

With just half of those back we would be putting out a different team and having more rotational options. It is not just the number of players injured, it is the fact that they are key to how we normally play.

Not mentioning that in a debate about a game or how we play seems to me (and of course this is just my view) to be a bit like talking about Van Gough without mentioning colour.

Anonymous said...

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