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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Player analysis and ratings Vs Villa

By 1970’s Gooner

Another nail biting game for us poor Arsenal supporters. It felt that Villa where going to do to us what Spurs managed last week. And Villa were a far worse team than Spurs. They were awful in the first half and it was our own profligacy and sluggishness in front of goal that kept the score at 2- 0.

If it wasn’t for an outstanding Arshavin we would have gone in at 0-0. But he took his goal very well and then Nasri managed to score a difficult goal after missing an open goal a few minutes before.

Our defending was again poor and we allowed them to score two goals and get back in the game. If it were Manchester United going into a two goal lead the game would have finished 7-1….


Did not have much to do and what he did he did well. Could not be faulted for their goals. He was unsighted for the first one and the referee had a shocker of a decision judging Carew as not interfering. Absolute rubbish. 7


Had a good game and also provided forward thrust. He is a very consistent and effective defender. 7


Played very well and kept Ashley Young mostly quiet unlike in their last encounter when Young had the better of him. Clichy was however returning from a long absence at that time and lots of people forget that. 7


He needs more time to get used to the tempo and long ball tactics of the Premier League. He is not the commanding centre half that we need. He may develop into one but he is not at the moment. 6


At least he has more experience and does not take too many chances as he often decides to whack the ball up field if needed. However both of the Villa goals especially the second one were from players who should never have been allowed to aim for goal. The first came from a weak header out of defence and the second one the scorer was a few yards from goal without anyone near him. 6


As solid as ever. He is reliable and consistent in his performances. The first name on the team sheet. 8


Had a much much better game today than at Braga. What a player he is turning out to be. At such a young age to be able to play with so much maturity and skill is amazing. It’s like watching Fabregas when he started playing for the first team. And what a vital goal he scored. 8


What a mature and significant player he is turning out to be for Arsenal Football Club. He can be a play maker a scorer as well as track back and defend. Scored with a marvelous shot on the volley. 8


My man of the match. He was back to his best today, weaving his magic and holding the ball up very well bringing players into the game. Scored the first with a typical run and shot that is his trade mark. I hope that he kicks on from here and has another great season. 9


Had a good game getting involved in a lot of good moves and providing that wonderful Fabregas like through ball to Chamakh for the third goal. He is a more direct midfielder who turns with the ball and dribbles past players which is what we need from midfield. 7


Wenger will have a decision to make when RVP is fit and ready to play. Chamakh had a very good game holding the ball well under pressure, scoring the vital third goal and setting up the fourth. An excellent all round performance. 9


Anonymous said...

shit ratings, how can squillaci be rated above koscielny. YOUR A MUPPET.

gazzap said...

I thought your ratings of the attacking players were spot on but i dont agree with Koz, Squill and Clichy,.
Particularly clichy, I mean the first villa goal was purely down to him not challenging the goal scorer. why the hell was he worried about Ashley Young on the wing when he has a player in front of him directly in front of goal about to shoot? so he lets the guy have a free shot.
and the second one wasn't even across the line untiol clichy knocked it in with the underside of his foot. I would have given him a 4. Arsh and Chamakh were phenomenol.

Anonymous said...

regarding a decision about rvp its simple Chamakh has slotted in so easily and is playing very well, love rvp but its the bench unless cham gets injured.

James said...

I have to agree with gazzap. Clichy was definitely at fault for the first, his priority should have been getting to the man with the ball, not the runner. He really should know better and have learned from similar mistakes from the past. It was nice to see Squalici clearly upset at Clichy by slamming his hands on the floor. I think Koscielny actually did ok, but both him and squallici haven't got the powere needed to deal with a player of Carew's physical presence. My other main concern with the defenders (aside from Sagna) is that they don't seem to want to throw themselves at oncoming shots to get in the way of them...anyone agree?

From an atacking point of view, we were excellent. Nasri Arshavin and Chamakh were superb today, but again were guilty of over playing it at 2-0 and 3-1 and should have put the game to bed. Wilshere again outstanding.

Anonymous said...

As said elsewhere, ratings are a bit strange.

Clichy clearly at fault on the 1st. He goes to close Clark down, then turns and stops.

Song at fault on the 2nd. Watch the corner come in, Song has Clark as his man. Clark runs to the near post, Song stops, turns to watch the ball and tries to cover the 6 yard box, it goes straight over Song to 'his' man who puts it in.

Anonymous said...

Mate your having a laugh.

Laurent koscielny was fantastic.

He dealt with john carew won alot of headers and he dealt with delfouenso pace and trickery.

Koscielny is a quality defender it so obvious koscileny and djorou is our best partnership.

Squillaci for me is lucky and hes getting away with it

Anonymous said...

i agree totally with what that last guy should be Djourou and Koz! Koz is class!

Anonymous said...

Excellent ratings.

The three (Fabianski, Wilshere and Arshavin) were superb.

Anonymous said...

United with a 2 goal lead would have won 7-1? You mean the same United who were 3-1 up with 5minutes left against Everton and easily could have lost with everton forcing a save at the end? The same United who have given away more leads than us this season? (Sunderland. Bolton, Fulham and sure there are others) the same United who also gave Villa 2 goals and got lucky with a point?

We have problems yes but trust me, I know United fans who think we are far better off and more likely to win the title than they will. All clubs have problems and it's easier to ignore others, one 7-1 win doesn't make a season (Chelsea looked unstoppable this year earlier, not so much now)

anata said...

agree with gazzap and the rest about clichy.

Clichy and denilson will costs us precious points along the way
I think they are daft players !!?

Hope there will be a clearout come january
Clichy,Denilson,bendtner,almunia ?
Mr. Arsene please buy 2 strong & TALL defenders
As you can see our defenders were too short and was outjumped for 2nd villa goal

Anonymous said...

I think people blaming clichy for that goal are really daft. Clichy plays 3 and his first responsiblity is to the guy playin 7 which he duly attended to. Clark was in the front of the 18, where was song? Guys are being harsh on clichy because his understudy is English. Cesc and clichy who has had worse games this season? Yet we slate only clichy and say cesc is not back to his best!

Anonymous said...

Clichy 7? i don't think so! he could have prevented the first goal he stood there and watched Clark had all the time to chested down and score fucking useless.

Anonymous said...

Song wasn´t good.
Please watch the game again and you´ll see several series of passes missing his teammates putting our defence under pressure. Why can´t he just forget his attacking ambitions when he clearly doesn´t have the quality. If he would just stay in front of the defence and let his fabregas-wanna-be-attitude down, I think we would have a chance of some silverware.
He isn´t PV4 or Petit either, so tell him to restrict his passing to 7-8 yards.