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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Djourou could be back against Wolves

By 1970’s Gooner

At last some positive news on the injury front. Johan Djourou has suffered only a bruising on his knee and not a damaged cartilage as at first feared.

The swelling had made it difficult to make a proper diagnosis the Swiss FA national team doctor Cuno Wetzel said. Djourou is expected to be back within seven days.

The first medical studies have shown that Djourou is injured on the knee cap, not a cartilage damage in his knee which has recently been operated there.

"The player has but a very painful bruise near the knee”.

"If the healing process is normal, Djourou is probably less than one week away of beginning training" Wetzel predicted.

Swiss coach Ottmar Hitzfeld rates Djourou very highly:

“Djourou is a very important player for us. We have seen in his comeback in November 2010 in Geneva against the Ukraine how important he is for the team. He's back very well, plays very high, and when during the dead ball situations he ventures into the opposing penalty area the defenders pay particular attention to this 1.90-m giant and this may bring space and benefits for other players of our team. "

I couldn’t agree more with Mr Hitzfeld. Johan has been one of the reasons why Arsenal are challenging for the title this season. He has been immense at the heart of our defense both on the ground and more importantly in the air.


Anonymous said...

Bruised or not, let's not rush him back and possibly rupture or make it worse. We should be able to deal with Wolves w/o him. It's imperative we have him there healthy and fit vs Barcelona later this month.

Danish Gooner said...

Thank you lord,thank you lord !!!! I am all gitty right now.

Anonymous said...

This weekend:

Man City defeats Man U
Arsenal defeats the Wolves

By the end of the weekend the points will be:
1. Man U. 54
2. Arsenal 53
3. Man C. 52
(Man City having played 1 more game)

With a tough home stretch for Man U. it is entirely possible, even likely that Arsenal will win the Premiere League. And all you Arsenal doomsdayers who always see the negative can go eat shyte.

MattK90 said...

Ah can't wait to have Djourou and Vermaelen at the heart of the defence!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God,i have been praying for this news,atleast Song is back too,denilson is ok,Nasri is a quick healer,who knw may be he wil feature against barca.Come on u gunners lets close the gap with united so that by the time we play stoke we wil be topping the table

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The partnership between TV5 and JD20 Will be great,just like Sol and Martin Kneon

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