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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Really Wenger has only himself to blame

By 1970’s Gooner

Arsene Wenger put out a weakened team against Wigan away right after that ground breaking win against Chelsea at the Emirates. The result was a draw after Squillaci put through his own net.

Instead of playing his strongest team in order to capitalise on that marvelous win against one of the big four and keep the pressure on Manchester United he underestimated the opponents and dropped two very valuable points.

This game at the Hawthorns was equally badly judged. It came after a horrendous three or so weeks where we failed to beat Sunderland at home, gave that goal to Birmingham to lose the Carling Cup final and capitulated to a rampant Barcelona with no shots on goal (even when one of our players attempted one he got sent off for it).

Again his selections for that game which included two unfit players returning from injuries contributed to that dismal performance, the worst performance by an Arsenan team under Wenger (the second worse was the FA Cup final win against Manchester United in 2005).

In all honesty a win at West Brom would have restored the very badly shaken moral that has been so obvious recently among the young Arsenal players. So one would have thought the manager would have played his strongest team.

But what does he do? He starts in the heart of our midfield with Aaron Ramsey. Aaron Ramsey who has been out of Premier League action for 9 or so months and who only had handful of games for Notts Forest and Cardiff!

Don’t get me wrong. Ramsey is an exceptional talent but to expect a 19 year old together with Wilshere, another 19 year old alongside a rusty, unreliable Denilson, (another youngster) to run your midfield in an away ground where your opponents are fighting for their survival with a hostile crowd behind them is amazingly incredulous and stretching our patience to the out most reaches of our ever diminishing universe of hope.

And who made the mistake for the first goal? Ramsey not being match fit jumped before the ball arrived from the corner. Almunia failed to come for it and we are one nil down.

Ramsey was ineffective throughout, could not make an impact and missed the easiest of opportunities to equalize. Enough said about him, it wasn’t his fault he was picked to start.

Denilson was abysmall. He has been pretty awful every time he played this season. Why on earth did he start with him? Get Eboue in there and bring Nasri in the middle to provide the creativity that Cesc will eventually bring when he returns. And start with Bendtner on the wing from the beginning for Christ’s sake.

All is not lost yet.

The international break is coming to our aid, fortunately. Cesc and Walcott are due to return and Djourou and Cszesney will get closer to their comebacks.

Manchester United will drop points that’s for sure. They are not playing well and their coming titanic battles with Chelsea are bound to weaken them.

But Wenger has to get his act together. Get some moral back to the players for f****s sake.



Anonymous said...

Sadly the Arsenal are so predictably bad at the moment, Ive almost given up on this season. Seeing Jen's in he dugout and Moonia in our goal is just very depressing!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wenger is a stubborn old fool, who will not do anything different, he is now the cause of destroying the great Arsenal of 5 yrs ago that he built!!!! He must go this summer, his judgement is awful, his moral building capabilities are not suitable when a team is feeling defeated....

Ive said thsi for 4 years...


AlexSongshair said...

Season over, i've tried to say we had no chance, but you always defied it, Arsene knows best etc. I bet there will still be some moronic idiots that think we still have a chance. There is no chance. FACT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Arsene for every thing you have done in the past for arsenal, Thank you for the great new stadium,for the great players you brought in but arsene I think you have now lost the plot. Now I think your time is up!!

Anonymous said...

Of course we still have a chance of winning the EPL this year, but realistically it lies somewhere between "slim & none".

Anonymous said...

Arsenal needs Song, Fabregas, Djourou and Walcott back a.s.a.p to save Mr. Wenger's shame this season.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all the players are very moral, what's lacking is morale.

It's easy to pick on Denilson - have you ever watched his contribution to 90 minutes - how he keeps the ball circulating? Granted he can't tackle and gets caught on the wrong side. But when you're the 'hate figure' everything you do is wrong.

As for AW to go - BIG WORDS - but who do you replace him with?

Anonymous said...

100% agree, some of his starting line ups are unbelievable surely putting Nasri in the middle replace Cesc is the obvious thing to do!! Rosicky in the cup final, Diaby at Old Trafford, and now Ramsey at West Brom show he's cracking up in my view...unbelievably we are still in the title hunt but this game had the feel of the Birmingham game last year whne it all fell apart.

Anonymous said...

come on man, how much longer are we expected to hope that the wenger god figure gets its act together? it's mistake after mistake after mistake and were it not for the fact that this is the worst manure team that has ever represented that bastard (but great manager) fergie then we would have been long out of it.

Oh how dare me to critic the almighty god of wenger, no doubt one of its rabid disciples (aka an AKB) will be along soon to bring scorn on me and tell me to piss off to another club.

another groundhog season means it is time for the dictator to go.


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Thanks Arsene for every thing you have done in the past for arsenal, Thank you for the great new stadium,for the great players you brought in but arsene I think you have now lost the plot. Now I think your time is up!! 2945abc45 0323

Gel_ArsenalFan said...

I am convinced that Almunia may be the worst goal keeper on the planet...only a crazy maniac will make the decisions he will and a good example of this was against WBA.

I think Ramsey will be an outstanding player in the future but a first team start after 9 months out is a bit of a mad choice. Ive been shouting for ages about getting ur boy nasri in the middle...far more creative than anyone else apart from Cesc.

Id like to see Chamackh get a bit more involved...I though he looked quite handy against united when he came on.

also please help get my blog off the ground!


Anonymous said...

Just picked this from another site & made a slight addition.
Is kinda relevent to this post. Read….

The interior of one of Arsenals local pubs… A darkened room with a very conspiratorial atmosphere. REG and STAN are seated at a table at one end of the room. FRANCIS, dressed in Activist gear — black robes and a red sash around his head — is standing by the bar. He is addressing an audience of about eight MASKED Activists. Their faces are partially hidden.

Reg: What has Wenger ever done for us?
Xerxes: Changed our perception from ‘boring Arsenal’ to one of Europes most entertaining teams.
Reg: Oh yeah, yeah he did that. Yeah. That’s true.
Masked Activist: And the new stadium and training ground!
Stan: Oh yes… the stadium and training ground, Reg, you remember what the Highbury used to be like limiting our attendence to 38K.
Reg: All right, I’ll grant you that the way we play and the stadium and training ground are three things that Wenger has done…
Matthias: And the world class players…
Reg: Well yes obviously the world class players… the players go without saying. But apart from the way we play, the stadium and training ground and the world class players…
Another Masked Activist: Premiership trophies…
Other Masked Voices: FA Cups… Community sheilds… Champions League final…
Reg: Yes… all right, fair enough…
Activist Near Front: stability and consistency…we always qualify for the champions league
Omnes: Oh yes! True!
Francis: Yeah. That’s something we’d really miss if Wenger left, Reg.
Masked Activist at Back: A decent youth policy!
Stan: And it’s great to feel we are where we are off our own backs.
Francis: Yes, he certainly knows how to buy a bargain… (general nodding)… let’s face it, he’s the only one who could in a transfer market like this.
(more general murmurs of agreement)
Reg: All right… all right… but apart from better stadium and training ground and players and trophies and youth policy and cup finals and shrewd buys … what has Wenger done for us?
Xerxes: Secured our future?!
Reg: What!? Oh… secured our future!? yes… shut up!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal need to shoot from outside the box!
They need to be ruthless!
Sagna needs to practice his crossings for 100times every training
Clichy needs to learn how not to play opponents onside

Anonymous said...

Arsenal need to shoot from outside the box!
They need to be ruthless!
Sagna needs to practice his crossings for 100times every training
Clichy needs to learn how not to play opponents onside

The Gunner in Me said...

Arsenal has had a very bad season - Period. Similar to the last 2 seasons wherein they hav lost their plot in the final stages of the league without even actaually fighting for top spot

Unknown said...

Seriously speaking if Arsenal played decent, like they were in the mid season or like in the champions league. They would definitely have been in top spot, if there was any season to overtake manchester united, it would have been this year. Hopefully with a few signings this summer, they can really boost their squad.

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