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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Three mistakes need to be put right against Man City

By 1970’s Gooner

The first and most important mistake that needs to be corrected is complacency. We have to once and for all eradicate the attitude of complacency that seems to engulf the Arsenal players over and over again. And this is a trait that has been in existence throughout Wenger’s reign at Arsenal.

It often shows its ugly head whenever we put in a run of impressive displays. The players begin to believe their own hype and the eulogies that the media shower on them. And that’s when we are at our most vulnerable. Players step on to the pitch not mentally right and when you go under pressure from early on you find it very difficult to change.

QPR also wanted it more than Arsenal. They are after all fighting for their lives. And they fought and scrapped as you would expect from a team facing the abyss.

The second aspect that needs to be put right is Vermaelen’s forays into the other half. This needs to be cut out. We can win games without the help of our central defenders going forward and leaving huge gaps behind.

And the third is Wenger’s insistence on playing Ramsey come what may. What was he thinking about playing Ramsey on the left of the midfield?

He was out of his depth against Everton and repeated a worse performance against QPR. Not only were we were playing with the handicap of one ineffective player, the team had no balance as Ramsey kept drifting in all the time which meant that QPR were not stretched on that side.

Additionally too many of Arsenal’s attacks had to come from Walcott’s side and QPR made sure that they loaded that side of the pitch and for most of the game kept Walcott quiet(except for the goal).

Wenger should have started with Gervinho or even the Ox instead of Ramsey and the result may have been different.

I say may have been because complacency was evident everywhere.

I am sure it will not be there against Man City next week.


Anonymous said...

Ramsey has been our worst player so far. Just why Wenger keeps playing him is beyond me.

The players need to realise that they need to shape up otherwise Spurs AND Chelsea will overtake us.

Anonymous said...

Song was worse than Ramsey. He seems to have a few very good games but then he has a stinker. he needs to be more consistent

Anonymous said...

For me, I agree that Song didn't have his best game. But let's give credit to him as he has been a star performer over the season in general.
I'm not sure why Wenger didn't play Gervinho on the left but perhaps there was some fitness or confidence concern about playing him.
I don't particularly put the team selection at fault, but Ramsey is no winger. Rosicky should have played on the left wing; been a driving force as a part of the front three, afterall we did originally buy him as a kind of Pires replacement all those years ago.

Ramsey should have played in the middle in a more free role like he usually does. IMO he's a great link between the midfield and the front three, always looking to initiate an attack and get into a scoring position. Having said that he does need to become somewhat more clinical in his finishing, which I certainly believe will come before too long. At which point I foresee the fans praising him for this, and giving more recognition than he currently gets.

Also, our movement off the ball was more than stagnant. Unlike most other teams when we don't have good movement our players find a lack of passing options and we become quite predictable which allows other teams to keep their defensive shape and we then struggle with creativity.

The final thing for me, was a lack of hunger in winning the 50-50's against QPR. But that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because the of the lack of fluidity is an unfortunate result of the lack of movement.

I believe that our good run in the previous 7 games was down to tenacity inspired by non other than Rosicky. Pure grit and determination is the difference between what 1970's sees as complacency and a team than can beat the best teams in the EPL and even the CL. We have shown this tenacity more in the last two months than possibly any other time in the last few years.

Nevertheless, I don't think its all doom and gloom, the gunners just need to remember to compete for every ball and keep moving as this pulls the opposition out of position thus creating who we see as a good level of creativity on our part.

Anonymous said...

Disagree on Verm he had a bad game but scored winners in two games previously. Too many balls down Theo is a function of inefficient Ramsey instead of Aoc or Gervinho so it is a double count.

Anonymous said...

Complacency has been a continual problem with Wenger's Arsenal? Just where were the Invincibles complacent again? It is easy to make bold attention grabbing statements, harder to take the trouble to make sure they are right.

Anonymous said...

Apart from RVP and Ramsey- who tried to close QPR down? Apart from them--who does the running? Ros and Art and Song can perform on good pitches when we are on top. So could Ramsey, Jack and the Coq. But who would you want with you on a crap pitch in Milan?

Anonymous said...

I agree that the problem is on the left side of the team, both defensively and attacking wise. Gibbs was up field most of the time leaving hugh gaps. Vermallen forays forward coupled with Ramsey moving inside left hugh gaps. Song tried his best to cover, but that left gaps in the middle. Something has to change the next game.
Firstly, Ramsey has got to be dropped.
Secondly, either Gibbs is more disciplone in his forays OR Santos plays.
Vermallen, has to learn that against big CFs, he has to back off a bit. He cannot bully them, but, by backing off a bit, he can nick the ball off them as these big guys have generally poorer control.
Hopefully, we will be back to our fighting best against MC. To remain amongst the top four we need to win games.!

Anonymous said...

RVP is looking tired to me. He has not been as sharp or accurate with his shots. Note the chance he missed at QPR when on one to one with the keeper.

I fearn we are running on empty with some players and we dont have ready replacements unless you consider Chamakh as one!

We are facing our end of season collapse all over again.

Anonymous said...

We simply got too complacent.

we thought that QPR would lie down and die! Certain Arsenal players have to grow up and stop thinking they made it after a few wins.

Now it might be too late.

Anonymous said...

I blame Wenger. He is the manager and is responsible for getting the players mentally ready for the game. He probably himself underestimated the opponents.

Anonymous said...

Y wenger must is use ramsey 4 first xi,since out of injury gunners find it dificult to win a match...Ramsey is out d game send him to loan next season.....?

Anonymous said...

I am no soccer coach but it seems to me Ramsey slows down the attack. He either goes sideways or charges headon with negative results.Wenger has to be ruthless or sentimental.
In football there is no room for loyalty. It's results that count.
And btw if Arsenal have 90% possession and can't score,it's better to have 10% possession and have two shots and 2 goals ,assuming the other side has scored one.