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Monday, May 07, 2012

Blaming the defence is not enough Mr Wenger: Two weaknesses need correction

By 1970’s Gooner
Arsene Wenger blamed the defence for their poor performance against Norwich. Well I am sorry. The poor performance at the back has to be viewed in the wider context of an overall poor team performance. Only then can we make sure that this is corrected for the crucial game against W. Brom next Sunday.

Mr Wenger has to consider the following:

Aaron Ramsey was the weakest link in midfield

He had another poor game where he neither provided midfield creativity nor did he attend to his defensive role when it was necessary to do so. He was almost a nonentity. And a team at this level cannot be carrying a player….

The central midfield’s inability to dominate the game created extra pressure on the defence which it has to be said did not rise to the occasion. But to only blame the defence is not enough.

Correction: Play Benayoun in midfield and bring in the Ox.

This will give another viable outlet on the wing for Arsenal (as well as Gervinho on the other side) and at the same time Benayoun will add tenacity and experience in midfield. Something that Ramsey could not offer.

The mental attitude of the players has to chang

It was quite evident that the players were affected by the significance of the game in deciding Arsenal’s Champions League status. Passes were unusually going astray and the overall nervousness was quite apparent especially in the 1st half.

When the chips were down this was corrected for most of the second half. But Mr Wenger has to prepare them mentally for the next game so that they start AND finish in the same tempo and on a high.

Correction : Show the players the video of the home games say against Man City or Newcastle even the Milan game if you like. That’s the level of performance we would like to see.


paul play said...

I don't know why Mr Wenger would blame the defence when all the Arsenal fans knows who cost us the game. The midfield with the useless Ramsey not tracking down anybody he's so slow boring everything, I don't know why we still use him. We need players who can come in and perform when certain players are injured. This is THE ARSENAL if a player can't cope ship him out.

Anonymous said...

Benayoun is not suited in midfield. He tried that before. It'll be better to play Coq there.
Plus please stop mentioning chamberlain. He is still young and immature. He needs to be bed in instead of putting him in then team with this kind of pressure.

Anonymous said...

If the attacking depends so much on the full backs then it means the two centrals are often left isolated by counter attacking. That is why having a midfielder who acts as a buffer or sweeper is so important. Song is not that player as he isn't quick enough or aware enough when we are attacking.
This problem has been there for 4 years. We either change the shape on attacks or get personel who can do that. It is not individual players but the coaching that could be the problem?

Anonymous said...

Benayoun is too lightweight for the middle - ridiculous to suggest him there!

Coquelin should come in with Song and Rosicky. Jenkinson can play right back (please God not Djourou who is the biggest donkey of all!)

Relax Goons. We will spank WBA. St Totteringhams day on Sunday. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The mental attitude at Arsenal is not right. Plus the midfield is lacking.

Anonymous said...

I would of said put Coclain in the centre just to get Ramsey off the pitch but Sagna is now injured and Diaby can not be trusted in the biggest game of our season. Ramsey is to blame but he had to work extra hard due to the leg break in pre season. So blame Stoke for the tired player we have,(AND WENGAR FOR PLAYING HIM) but he will come good. His pre season this time will be much easier and less hard on the body. I like Ramsey but I cant stand to see him on the pitch. If he's not in the red I dont know what is.
Come on you GUNNERS

Anonymous said...

To be fair it was 'defendING' that he referred to which implicates all players in all parts of the pitch. There was no tracking of runners which meant that a Norwich player on the ball always had good attacking options around him. We rely far to much on Song to cover ground and win the ball (as well as lay on killer passes for RVP). Rosicky has had a good second half to the season but he's no ball-winner and rarely covers back. Ramsey we know is well off the pace right now. The inabilty to get men behind the ball to defend a lead has long been a problem. I just hope it doesn't prove decisive now.

Foolishgooner said...

Arsene Wenger has to stop abusing his water bottle! Ramsey must not start, because (Slow, gives up too easy). Song is more aware defensively on the road or against "better teams") When playing at home and we need more attacking players, Song sees space to invade and hopes his partners in the middle would cover for him. To make matters worst full backs are up the field all the time (Le Coq prevented a goal by hustling back). Francis Coquelin must play along side Alex song (Tenacity, pressure on the ball, pace, desire). I'm Jenkins could handle RB easily with Gervinho ahead of him. I don't claim to be smarter than the Boss, but we Need pressure on the ball (no jogging), and direct attacks(players who can take the ball and move forward ala Rosicky). Coquelin can do that in the middle Ramsey can't. Diaby too risk to start him (he might not last 3 minutes)! Yossi to weak in the middle. There we go..

FC ASong
Gervinho Rosicky Santos
Chamakh did well.. Young Oxdale to come in! Yossi for Rosicky... Lets go Gooners..

NZMike said...

So now it's Ramsey's fault that Song is rubbish. Last week it was because Arteta wasn't playing or he looks exhausted. Song and "Tenacity, pressure on the ball, pace, desire" all used in the same sentence. What a complete load of crap!

Zico Canada said...

One guy got it right. Wenger ment that the team as a whole defended poorly. Anyway nothing can save Wenger in my mind cos he assembled this squad. Also Wenger makes the game plan, meaning if Ramsey and Song don't hussle back when we lose possesion it is Wenger's fault. These are professional players capable of following instructions. If we know what needs to be corrected then surely they know it too. Wenger is sticking to his Wengerball but wants to do it on the cheap. Even if we manage 3rd place I say WENGER OUT.

Anonymous said...

Coquelin has all of it mate.. (Tenacity, Pace, Skill, Pressure on the ball).. Also, Song is the strongest toughest player we have now! Sorry mate nothing against the lad(Ramsey) but he is just not doing the work now. If we had another strong defensive player and pushed song forward (Ramsey role) I'm sure we would have had few more points and not sweat it last game of the season.

Jon Gunner fans Forever said...

We have not won any match since Arteta's injury in the Wigan match. Not sure why Wenger like Ramsey so much that he keeps playing him although it is very evident that he is not good enough - his first touch is poor, decision making is poor, positioning is poor. The only good thing is he has a great engine.

I would start would Coquelin in midfield against WBA in the last match. He has all the ingredients to be a top notched defensive midfielder.

Michel said...

There is a lot of requests for the Ox to be used more often, but has anyone notice that he last only 30 minutes in a match and then seems to be exhausted? Is he that unfit or is something else wrong?

Anonymous said...

Wengaer owes the whole club and supporters to answer these three questions:
1) Why does he have to play Ramsey everytime inspite of consistent , horrible, well below average performance
2)We have seen what happens if Ramsey is played (disappointment and failure/loss/bad game, what then will happen if he is not played and someone else is played. Could it be worse?
3) Wenger was shouting at the begining of the Season about having very big squad, does it now mean that of the "big squad" the horrible, sluggish, disappointing Ramsey is the only option after the injury of Arteta?