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Friday, July 06, 2012

A new striker and formation for Wenger?

By 1970’s Gooner
I don’t see the Arsenal majority owners and Wenger forcing RVP to stay till the end of his contract. That will be financial suicide. Foregoing 25m for another year?

It’s a no brainer when you realise that these people are running a business whose main activity happens to be playing football. You only have to look what decision they took with Nasri and you will realise what the outcome will be.

So RVP is out. Let’s move forward. What will Wenger do? Blood in Giroud right at the deep end, a year earlier than he anticipated rather than the gradual introduction he would have planned?

This will not be ideal as time is not on his side. Who else does he have available? Chamakh is on his way out and can not cut it at this level. Park the same. Bendtner is soon on his bike.

Wenger has the option of buying another striker. Does he have one in mind? Is there someone out there who has the quality required and can be persuaded to join a team whose stars are jumping ship?

Wenger has another option which can be value for money as well as not requiring the usual adjustment period to the Premier League.  Promote from within.

Theo Walcott has I believe the ingredients to step up the plate and capture that position he always craved for. He has the technical skills and goal scoring ability. He will I believe prove to be a revelation.

And it’s not as though we will suffer in the wide midfield positions if he is moved elsewhere. There is the Ox, Podolski, Gervinho and Arshavin. Giroud will also get games thus releasing Walcott to play on the wing etc…

Wenger may twig the formation and way of playing to accommodate Theo’s main strength, which is his speed, by playing through balls behind the defence for him to run on. Just like he did when Anelka burst into the first team.

He may also encompass the Spain way of playing by not having a recognised striker as such, maintaining possession of the ball with the midfielders and forwards all taking up forward positions as the need arises.

Revolutionary? Mad? Call it what you like. But it may prove to be a master stroke….


Anonymous said...

I can see this happening.. Henry and RvP were both wide players that later converted to the central striker. The only thing Theo lacks is an ability to control the ball consistently with his first touch and obviously hold up play.

Anonymous said...

the only thing he lacks the ability to control the ball and hold it up i would say that was quite important for a front man,get real he only preforms one game in six.

Anonymous said...

He lacks strength.... Never be able to hold a ball up.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution. I do not care if we sell Van Persie to City, get a good deal that includes Dzeko coming to us and we would need to further purchases up front. Add a creative/attacking midfielder, add another traditional holding midfielder; YMVilla, comes with the added advantage of strength and height, one goal keeper and we are ready to challenge seriously for titles.

Belve said...

Those saying that Theo can't hold the ball up miss the entire point of what was said. He isn't going to be a "target" man but neither was TH14. He will be the focus. The targets are your wide players as well as trusting the midfield to do the business in the build-up play, which is already something we do.
The issue with this is two-fold. 1)This will force the team to be more fluid. I don't have confidence that this can be done with great effect. 2)Will Theo stay and try his luck in his favored position? His finishing skills are rather less than standard. Add to that he HAS to sign a new contract. He has seen all the greats of the team leave right in front of him. Will he be able to resist the urge to leave that I'm sure his advisers are reminding him about every hour.

P.S. Don't forget to add Miyaichi to your wide player list.

Unknown said...
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MANNIX said...

The best thing Wenger can do now is taking Kalou on a free transfer then sell RvP and use the money to bring in Affelay then that will be a perfect replacement for RVP

Anonymous said...

You don’t see the Arsenal majority owners and Wenger forcing RVP to stay till the end of his contract?

That's what they were going to do before he made his statement, no? So why not stay with that plan? Especially now that he has trashed his transfer price.

Anonymous said...

Won't happen.

Theo needs someone who thread balls through for him: we lost that when Fabregas left.

Arsenal needs a striker who can hold up the ball. Theo can't do that at all.

ALSO, theo hasn't signed a new contract. He's just another RvP waiting to happen, contract-wise.

I actually see Bendtner and Chamakh staying. With Giroud, they will compete for RvP's position.

Anonymous said...

The easiest way to not allow RvP's departure to derail our progress is to sell him now for £25m and go and get Huntelaar for £20m.

Job done.

Anonymous said...

Gunner fans don't care what formation is used. As long as Wenger can create a winning team,it's fine. The problem is the fm wants to win in style. This is the epl where bone crunching tckles.injury threatening challenges,etc are tolerated.
If the FM wants to win style,I suggest a better option will be village soccer .

Anonymous said...

Theo is a great player, he won't need to hold the ball up, as he will be like Thierry Henry before him with the number 14 jersey. He will be a success up front, a new position will give him the confidence to gain extra first touch ability, and then he will start to smash the back of the net for many years to come. I have no doubt that if we offer him a new contract with the promise he will be the striker, he wi stay. Because he won't get that at Chelsea or spurs, as they have quality finishers already.

Anonymous said...

i think if wenger to sell v persie to city, make sure its at least 10m + dzeko/balotelli. i'd prefer balotelli to be honest, wenger definitely could handle him and he'll be a great replacement for v persie. a definite win situation for us.

Dedie said...

Theo ain't a bad player but lacks football in him. If ain't naturally skilled.. The kid can't dribble let alone control or balance himself with the ball.. Just compare him with the Ox and you'll see what i'm talking about.. A substitute flank is his perfect role for Arsenal..

The Arsenalist said...

Theo is good. RVP is better. You can't replace. better with good bt good with betta or betta wit betta. Robert Lewandoski is better. He is a must sign for Arsene. Let VP go for 25 and get the Pole for 17 and the game is still on. Theo don't worry you are wearing somebody's boots, they belong to THE OX. Give to ceaser what is his and try your luck wit Roberto Di Mateo '' mayb you can win trophies' kkkkk. In Arsene I trust. Nobody ever imagined wat he would do wit that handicapped squad last season bt he did it better than with Samir. Give him his job guys.

Anonymous said...

Theo is a gimme. That little c*** is going to do one. Even though we are the ont club in the world of our stature that would have stuck by him

Come on the gunner

Anonymous said...

Agree totally with one previous comment, let RVP leave now, go and get Huntalaar who in my opinion is a more natural number 9. All gooners would welcome that wouldn't they ?

Anonymous said...

Walcott got nothing but pace. Please forget it. If we play Walcott as a striker, that will show our stupidity, not just lack of ambition.

Josh said...



Whilshere could succeed on the right playing a iniesta role as we have no wingers who currently play through balls.

Anonymous said...

Pls Go RVP GO!!! GO theo GO! ARSENAL is bigger than you players that Arsene hope in...get us the Polish No 9 and with Jack Wilshere back, and God on our side, Arsenal is a Champion!!!

Anonymous said...

i really like ur comment, let them go where ever they want and still we will find replacements for them

Ezenwa kenneth said...

soldier GO,BIG soldier come. Gunners for real,for life and forever. ARSENAL all the WAY.WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Wenger can start with 3-3-4. Of course the true test is winning your games.Then if you win regularly or all the time,nobody cares.
Wenger can start winning if he ditches his style over substance.The nam of the game is winning and nothing else.If Chelsea could have won the cl in style,do you think Matteo would not have done so?As it is ,Chelsea have won . Barca may have more shots and 98% possession. But fans know Chelsea won the cl.
Unless there is a radical change with Wenger,the gunners will still be stuck with style and be unable to win games. Hull were pulverised. Wigan were murdered but the gunners lost both games.
I am afraid Wenger has lost the plot and he shd not be given any more time if the gunners can't challenge in 2012-13.

Anonymous said...

Contenda r Pretenda

Ur right wenga shud make us propa contenders nothin less we r arsenal afta all

Not some Johnny come l8tly side who has more money than history.

We've become laufin stock especially 8-2 against Manure
Worst day a Goona eva saw

We stumbled ova finish line t finish 4th helped by Spuds habit of tripping ova ther Laces

We R 2 big t think about finish above Spuds.

We got bigga fish t fry

We r D Gunnaz

TITLES & Champ League no less

Up d Gunnaz


Anonymous said...

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