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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wenger’s inadequacies expose Arsenal

By 1970’s Gooner

I am disgusted. I feel sick.

Arsene Wenger made four fatal mistakes against Utd today and the result was one of the most insipid and overall poor performances during his reign at Arsenal.


Everyone was telling Arsene Wenger that Santos was a serious liability. It was so obvious for God’s sake. But no he is so stubborn. The first choice left back is out so the second choice has to play. My arse. The second choice is totally useless Mr Wenger come to terms with it. You made a dud buy.

Time and time again he was too weak to stop Valencia or Rafael. Their first goal came from his bad positioning and of course Vermaelen’s poor clearance. And it was by bad luck and Mannone’s heroics that we kept the score low.


Ramsey is a poor player on the wing Mr Wenger. Face it. The boy is not ready yet for such games. He neither helped Sagna out nor did he go forward. He was useless. Totally useless. How come Wenger does not see that is beyond me.


Giroud is not a Premiership player. He is a joke Mr Wenger. He could not hold the ball up, couldn’t head it nor did he create anything.You bought another dud there mate. Face it. Playing with 9 men usually results in defeat don’t you think?


Ferguson subbed Cleverly. Wenger did not sub Wilshere and of course he got a red.

Maybe the difference between the two teams were the managers.


Anonymous said...

Dont like this website but everything you say is true bar santos. ho else to play instead. did u see koscielny mid week?

Anonymous said...

But why was Willshire sent off and not Cleverly??

Anonymous said...

More comment in players than wenger - they need to develop a sense of urgency about their play. Possession is only good if you do something with it!

Unknown said...

This team is an embarassment to us.

Anonymous said...

Giroud is a premiership player cop on to yourself the man needs time he's a French international and he wasn't exactly given much to work with for most of the game. Podolski for me has been weak the last few games, and while I'd have to agree with santos not bein great, it was our captain who let us down and put us on the back foot early. New players need time to adapt and gel. But yes wenger obviously made a mistake with wilshere.

Anonymous said...

Another terrible performance from both arsenal and the officials lets just hope both improve.

Anonymous said...

It was quite obvious we were going to loose today. Santos is a very poor player. His positioning is abject and how will it take Wenger to realise this. All the opponent attac came through the left side. There was no urgency, no will, no fighting spirit. The formation is faulty. We dominate the mid-field without penetration. I prefer the way the League cup team play to the first team. They are more mobile, more spirited and more incisive. Cazorla was too deep today, and it affected the balance in the mid-field. Wilshere and Arteta were supposed to be the deep playing midfielders. Podolski was also disappointing on the left flank.he offered no threat at all to Rafael. He has to step up his game or he will find himself on the bench.
Against Schalke on Tue, someelse should play at the left back or we will beaten again. Gibbs should come back now,he is needed in thhe team.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to sell Wenger. A stubborn leader who does not see his own mistakes . Let US not comment on players , with Wenger an Gazdi you can't expect anything else

thomo said...

We were abysmal. 50% of the possession but only 2 shots on target in 94 minutes.

We are not creating enough. We need Diaby fit as he offers us strength and penetration.

We have 4 central defenders but only Metresacker is in form. The other three are hopeless at the moment. We also need Gibbs fit as Santos is vulnerable defensively and indifferent offensively. Until he got injured he had been superb. Until he returns Sagna should play left back and Jenkinson at right back.

Giroud needs time and cannot thrive without service. He has good touch and physical presence. Poldolski looks mediocre at best. He works hard but he offers no threat on the flanks much like Theo. We really did not look like scoring today.

The board and/or Wenger need to review their priorities. I cannot believe that RVP was not forced to honour his contract but they are trying to tie down and inconsistent Theo. If RVP had stayed we may have had a chance of winning something. I am struggling to find the positives.

Anonymous said...

We coud have drawn the game..only if Giroud knew how to score poor conversion rate rivalling adebayor. Last few games Carzola has been marked out of the game our single source of attacking threat and we have gone stale. last year that sellout rvpursestrings bailed us out game after game. no one will save us this year. This year i see the fans will force the board to sack wenger and bring in a manager who isn't scared to pay top dollar for top players. I am just indifferent to this team. Waiting for something to give this year. 10 years ago only carzola would be a starter in the great arsenal teams...the rest apart from verm are avarage pedestrian players. Confidence is lacking and verm as a captain is not leading by performances..been very poor this year.

Anonymous said...

When u see Wenger sitting on side line & watching , it is very frustrating for fans.It is like a man repeating same exercise again & again expecting different results.This team including manager lacks all the qualities needed in top 4 team. Skills, fighting spirit, strategy & most importantly ability to learn from mistakes.These footballers including manager do not deserve huge salary they are taking just for staying on footbal pitch for 90 min every week.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is Wenger doesn't belive in delegating.Sometime ago ,prior to Bould,the subject of defence coach was asked by reporters. Wenger said he was his own dc.I am afraid this man has done great harm to Arsenal the last five years.
If the board aint careful the decline of Arsenal will be so far reaching,it take at least five years to corrct the damage done by the arrogant fm who refuses to countenance changes to his way be ut tactics,player recruitment,etc.

Ahmad Sirajuddin said...

3-5-2 is d deal to move in tight places for diminutive fast thinking players. At least Wilshere, Cazorla can do this. They did. but our Giroud and podolski were bad today. Play Walcott & Giroud-Chamakh upfront. or buy a first class striker this January, Arsene. Gotta do something for our Mr. VErm too, too down to demonstrate any sort of confidence.

Anonymous said...

stop blaming the ref or officials for the performance, this is the worst start of wengers reign as boss and this is the worst team we have ever had and that tosser american we have running this club calls this success, wenger is partly to blame but you have to look at the board as long as wenger keeps them in the prem qualify for europe that is all they care about look at the speeches at the agm they are not interested about being the most expensive priced club in europe and that us the idiots pay to watch this tripe, as long as their pockets are lined they dont care about the supporter who pays to watch it, you can see through the team their is major issues and all we get is excuses it is about time kroenke and the old fart board piss off they are destroying this club just to line their pockets even selling our best players only to bring in players of insufficent quality that has been proved in the performances to date i still believe we will not qualify for europe this time round and i think we will finsih the season maybe fighting relegation or just under mid table wake up supporters stop having the illusion we are great we are not it is about time we started to speak up and get this board out and bring in someone who wants real success on and off the pitch

Charlie Nick said...

Flaccid, impotent and pedestrian is how I sum that up after getting up at 2am to watch. It shows how far we have dropped when you think Ferguson used to have to send out a defensive team to kick us off the park in order to get a result. Today we looked like one of the teams who rest players going to the bigger clubs as they know they cannot get a result and they have to worry about a relegation six pointer the week after. When the board talk about contract extensions for AW and what a marvellous job he does what is it they are basing this on? It cant be the scintillating football we play after seeing Norwich, QPR, Schalke and today, it isn't the trophy haul (discounting the 4th place shield we like to show off) so it must be the profit margins. The fans (clients) who travelled today were magnificent and deserve so much more than this!

Palash Siddamsettiwar said...

sube said...

Did Wilshere's sending off change the game? No.The fact that Arsenal were utterly outplayed with 11 men on the field cannot be ignored.
We just are not solid enough defensively. Any team is capable of scoring against us at the moment. To challenge for titles, defensive solidity is a must.

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