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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Player analysis and ratings Vs Southampton

By 1970’s Gooner

This was an unexpected flat performance. After the thrashing of Newcastle one would have expected the Arsenal players to have a spring in their step.

Can you blame tiredness after playing only last Saturday? Not really. Southampton played a tough away game at Stoke and looked far more fit and raring to go. They fought for every ball and usually won it. So one reason is that the opponents were far more combat wise.

But the real reason is that Arsenal’s midfield have been below par. And this has been repeating itself in recent games. There is only Arteta who sits deeper and actually wins the ball. The other two are more inclined to want to play rather than fight for the ball and this was very evident tonight.

Wilshere was his usual combative and creative self for only a 15 minute spell in the first half. The rest of the time he was just passing sideways. He may need a rest as he has been out for the whole of last season and has been playing every game this time round. 5

Cazorla was worse. I was screaming for Wenger to sub him a long time before he did. He did not create anything of note nor did he pose a shooting threat. The game passed him by. 5

Ramsey came on as a substitute when it should have been Rosicky. I don’t understand Wenger’s insistence in playing him instead of Rosicky. Tomas would have run and chased and tried to create. Ramsey can not and did not do anything of the kind. 5

Szczeny did well overall apart from a save which he pushed in the middle of the area rather than away. 6

Sagna was very busy indeed both defending and attacking. He was uncharacteristically below par getting caught and closed in on the line and giving the ball away more often than not. Attacking wise he did not have much of an outlet as the Ox was also not his usual self. Nevertheless the few crosses he did get in were not up to standard. 5

Vermaelen was actually the best player for Arsenal. He competed well in the air and on the ground. 7

Koscienly similarly did well. He is the kind of player that needs a few games to reach his peak best. I think he will be even better in the next game. 7

Gibbs did well defensively but he did not attack as much as he usually does. This meant that we lost a lot of our penetration from the left wing that we usually have. The only occasion Gibbs went forward with purpose a real goal chance was created late in the game. 6

Arteta was his usual self. Performed what is expected of him at a high efficient level. Arsenal’s most consistent player. 7

Podolski was a disappointment. He neither penetrated enough nor tracked back with purpose. He is the kind of player who needs the whole team to be performing well. He is also not consistent enough in every game. He has one good game and then an average one. What gets him out of jail is his goal scoring. 4

The Ox was almost as bad for the whole game as he was in the first half against Newcastle. He needs a rest. 4

Walcott did not get the service and the balls behind the defence to run onto. His free kick did create the equaliser though. 5

Giroud came on but as with Walcott he did not get the service nor the support from the midfield and the wingers. 5

Gervinho was just awful. We should put him on the transfer list and promote Gnabry. 3


Anonymous said...

Ramsey cannot turn a game. he is to young and does not have the know how yet. He shouldn't be on the bench at all let alone come on in the game

Only_Red_White said...

sagna no better than 2

Anonymous said...

Rosicky should have come on. Wenger is to stubborn and keeps playing ramsey all the time

Anonymous said...

Sagna deserves better than a 2 that a reader subbests. At least he tried to play. others would not bother.

Anonymous said...

I dunno why he is so reluctant to play Arshavin! He is miles better then Gervinho, Ramsey et all!

P said...

We need a strong combative midfielder. If Wenger can't see that and doesn't go and get one then maybe it's time for him to pass over the reins.
Once Caxorla was nullified, which is relatively easily done on account of his small size, it's like playing with ten men and the others font have the energy or strength to cope with that.

Anonymous said...

The prof stuborn philosophy of believing in youth prospect (in ramsey) rather than old player (rosicky) costs us more n more...

Anonymous said...

This is when you need a player like Arshavin on the bench. He is the most influential at these moments and when you have him, you must put him on. He would have created the service both Walcott and Giraud needed. Sadly though one of the onltday players that can get us goals and influence games is now leaving. Not good enough

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