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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jenkinson the new star at Arsenal

By 1970’s Gooner

There were several Arsenal players that excelled at Bayern. Fabianski produced a very competent performance and made a terrific save when Robben was through on goal.

He made me feel that I could trust him. His defenders trusted him and this is a very important quality for a goalkeeper. He will keep his place in the line up for the rest of the season.

Koscienly should start every game. He is resilient, quick, combative has a big heart and can score too. He had a tremendous game.

Rosicky I felt had a good game even if his passing was not up to his usual standard. The importance of the game and the bad quality of the pitch did not help of course.

He ran all over the pitch, pressing their defenders up front and provided the link between our defence and the forwards. He will get a run in the team now that Wilshere is out and I feel that he will prove to be Arsenal’s match winner in quite a few games for the fight for a top four place.

But it was another player’s performance that excited me.

Carl Jenkinson had a fantastic game. To put in such a high quality performance for a player of his age and considering the relatively short period that he has been playing for the first team shows that he is star quality.

The run from the opponent’s half tracking Robben’s foray into Arsenal’s territory and sliding to put in the tackle for the ball was something we have not seen an Arsenal defender do for a long time.

His dash across Arsenal’s box to try and thwart Robben from having a clear shot at goal was I think instrumental in making him rush his shot which Fabianski saved.

He knows how to defend and has strength, both mental and physical. I feel that he will get better and better with every game he plays. Wenger will then have a big decision to make if Sagna left the club at the end of the season. Does he buy another experienced right back or does he promote Jenkinson to first team duty.

The best option of course is to keep Sagna for another season and alternate the two according to fitness and form.

But if this option is not on then I know what my answer will be.


Anonymous said...

I agree - I think Jenkinson has been consistently good both going forward and defending - and Koscielny is also a very good defender who just went through a bad patch. I like Rosicky too - always looking forward and running at defences and into the opponents box - something we don't do often enough.

Anonymous said...

Agree with this report. Jenkinson looks very good. Has been for a while now.Rosicky will get better, hopefully with a run in the team. Fabianski or new keeper, Chez not ready.

Anonymous said...

Jenk, kos n ros should finish the seazon coz there good