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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Higuain and the fixture list means Arsenal are gunning for the title

By 1970’s Gooner

Higuain’s transfer to Arsenal marks a definite statement of intent. At the reported 25m this is a deal that signifies Arsene’s will to go for the title in possibly his last season at the club. Just like Alec Ferguson went out and bought a 29 year old RVP to make sure he retired with a big bang.

Higuain is a typical Wenger buy bar one item on his check list.

He is 25 so he has a resale value.
He is a goal scorer with a goal to game ratio closing on 0.57 (good goal scorers are usually at 0.5).
He is fast and versatile, able to play in various forward positions.

The only thing that is not typical of a Wenger buy is the transfer fee and his salary both which will break Arsenal’s previous ceilings.

The positives of last season’s performance to take forward are:

The squad now has good depth in quality with more additions to come.
The three additions of last season, Cazorla, Giroud and Monreal have had a very good year and will be far more effective this.
Wilshere will, hopefully, have a full season ahead of him.
Arsenal had the second best defence in the League (and the best away defence)!

And then there is the fixture list.

When I looked at it I was overwhelmed with a feeling of optimism and confidence. This is because nearly all the fixtures looked realistically winnable to my eyes! If we can beat Spurs at home in the third game then we are on the way.

We will probably be top of the League or very near it by Christmas! Mark my words we are gunning for the title!

Aug 17: Aston Villa (h)

Aug 24: Fulham (a)

Aug 31: Tottenham Hotspur (h)


Sep 14: Sunderland (a)

Sep 21: Stoke City (h)

Sep 28: Swansea City (a)


Oct 5: West Bromwich Albion (a)

Oct 19: Norwich City (h)

Oct 26: Crystal Palace (a)


Nov 2: Liverpool (h)

Nov 9: Manchester United (a)

Nov 23: Southampton (h)

Nov 30: Cardiff City (a)


Dec 3: Hull City (h)

Dec 7: Everton (h)

Dec 14: Manchester City (a)

Dec 21: Chelsea (h)

Dec 26: West Ham United (a)

Dec 28: Newcastle United (a)


Jan 1: Cardiff City (h)

Jan 11: Aston Villa (a)

Jan 18: Fulham (h)

Jan 28: Southampton (a)

Odds for the title: 11/1


Anonymous said...

You old optimist! We shall see

Anonymous said...

no, just no

Anonymous said...

Assuming Higuain goes to Arsenal,there is no guarantee the gunners will fight for the epl.There are other problems which must be resolved before the gunners can seriously emerge as genuine contenders.

Belve said...

Big assumption re:Higuain but a reasonable thought. What you haven't pointed out is how involved the preseason will be with actual quality teams so the question marks and problems will be much easier to adjust once the season gets started.
This has to be by far the most optimistic article/post I've seen on this site. I don't think the other teams will drop off too much but we will be amongst the top teams this time. I still worry about that November setup. Traditional problem month with away matches to ManU and newly promoted Cardiff City. But a decent haul of 8 or more points that month and we would sit as a real force on the tables.

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