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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Arsenal’s bit of luck to spark ascendancy for years to come

By 1970's Gooner

This is what we needed. A bit of luck.

Chelsea get drawn away to Man City for the FA Cup and we get Liverpool at home. City feel forced to play their first 11 and promptly dump Chelsea out of the Cup. We play Liverpool out of the park avenging the 5 1 thrashing at Anfield.

Then City get an easy home draw against a championship team which has to be played a few days before the return leg of the Champions League tie with Barca.

Arsenal get Everton and have to field a strong team as they can't take them lightly judging by their performance at the Emirates in the Leauge. We win convincingly.

Pellegrini, who is full of it having just won the League Cup, is however relatively new to the English game and certainly unaware of English grit, determination and the never say die attitude.

He gets drawn into a false sense of security and proceeds to underestimate the opponents, fields a weakened team and gets dumped out of the FA Cup in one of the major shocks of recent history.

Which leaves the door open for Arsene Wenger and his players with a real chance to win a title after a 9 year wait.

It’s a real chance which has to be taken this time unlike when we lost so dramatically to Birmingham in the final of the League Cup a few seasons ago.

And if we pull it off then we could be entering a period of ascendancy with the existing healthy financial model providing the resources for further reinforcements next season and the seasons to follow.

What Wenger has to do is avoid Pellegrini’s mistake.


Anonymous said...

Really?Wigan aint going to lie down and be easy meat..They will be fired up and will harass and harry the gunners denying them time and space.If they have to hack down agunner to prevent agoal,believe they will do it.
There have been too many false dawns and I won't believe it untilthe gunners have really lifted the Cup.

Frank Wilcox said...

the problem is,my fellow gooners like to count their chickens before they are hatched!!!What part of play one game at a time do you not understand??? everyone of these morons, from Piers Morgan on down, are making the same blunder as Pelligrini just made!!! you play one game at a time,F A Cup,Champions League,Premier league,it doesn't matter,you play for today,we will worry about tomarrow when it gets here!!! anyone that can't comprehend this is a complete FUMBDUCK baffoon!!! we will see Wigan soon enough,then we will face the next match,leagues or cup,when we have too!!!

Unknown said...

Frank is right we must not state for what is not yet done. We must calm down and watch the game until the end and then take your opinions.

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