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Sunday, April 06, 2014

What a bunch of ****ers

By 1970’s Gooner

I am sorry but the title represents exactly how I was describing the Arsenal players during the game. And it probably is pretty accurate.

Firstly Wenger got the tactics wrong. He decided not to add pace to the line up and stick with Podolsky. This resulted in not having players who could have gone beyond their defender and thus stretch the opponents.

Podolsky kept coming inside as he always does and to add insult to injury he kept ignoring Monreal when he was free on the left. In addition Podolsky kept shooting form outside the box, inaccurately of course. This was all in the first 15 minutes. After that he was nowhere!

And it took Wenger a whole 65 minutes to sub him! Wenger should have made the substitutions at half time not later. All three of them.

Podolsky should be got rid off in the summer.

Secondly Arteta and Flamini were all over the place today. They left huge gaps in the most sensitive area of the pitch and Everton’s quicker and more mobile midfielders took advantage.

Wenger needs to add in this area in the summer by bringing in at least one more robust and effective sitting midfielder.

Thirdly Giroud was awful. He neither held the ball nor did he bring other players in the game. He needs competition next season and rests.

Wenger’s biggest mistake this season was not buying another top striker in the January window. He should correct this mistake next time round.

And lastly the whole team looked tired, without ideas and lack of running.

If they keep on like this then you can kiss the FA Cup semi-final game against Wigan goodbye AND fourth place.


Anonymous said...

Wenger needs to go. at this rate Moyes is miles better. at least he tract to his teams failures by varying the formation. Wenger is completely lost. He doesn't know that he doesn't know. it can get worse than this. unfortunately it will.

Anonymous said...

Wenger is the problem at Arsenal. The sooner he leaves,the better. Thanks for the memories especially Pires ,my favourite player. What a good looking guy.
Wishing Pires happiness.

Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger, please go home to France.

Ud.cohn said...

Please, please, please arse(en)-go away forever. You are no more then a sad clown for some years are slowly but surely losing your image among most arsenal supporters around the world.

fed up goon said...

What do you mean,
Wenger has to correct this for next season?

Enough is enough, Bye bye Wenger!

Robert Gaspar Majestic said...

I know how disappointed you are from the way Wenger played but I think he is just trying another tactic that for him would be a good help for the team. I hope he will never do that in their next match.

Anonymous said...


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From the first 15 minutes that Podolsky keep on providing crap to the team Wenger must act immediately to change the situation but it took 65 minutes, Oh my god! to replace the player, what a brilliant move.