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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who is a master of failure now Mr Mourinho?

By 1970's Gooner

Although we made heavy weather out of it we came through in the end! At least we won a trophy. 

Mourinho failed in the PL finishing third,

Got knocked out of the FA Cup early on of course,

and was outplayed and thrown out of the CL by a vastly superior side in Athletico Madrid .

So who's a master of failure now?

And he's been parking the bus playing negative football to go with it. What a disgrace!

The relief on Wenger's face was so evident. The need for the players and us the supporters to finally celebrate a trophy was a long long time coming.

Wenger now needs to build on this success by BUYING the players that this exciting squad needs to push on and win the PL. This opportunity must not be missed.

He should finally buy at least a top class forward, a strong defensive midfielder and a new right back.

And he should make sure that the players do not freeze at the early stages of the big games. If he achieves that then we will win the PL again and again.


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