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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Khedira deal hot as two other events point in Arsenal's direction

By 1970's Gooner

Sami Khedira's move to Arsenal had looked really on when Wenger put in a bid which was accepted by Real Madrid.

The only matter that remained was the player's personal demands. But the salary requested would have broken Arsenal's wage structure.

We were all very excited of course. Some compromise would be found we thought.

But as usual that man, Jose Mourinho, decided to put a spanner in the works. He called Khedira up and tried to persuade him to join Chelsea. Mourinho did after all sign him up for Real in the first place.

But now the deal could be on again. For two reasons.

Firstly, that man has announced that he is done with bringing more players in for Chelsea. If he is to be believed this leaves the field open for Arsenal.

But secondly the player's club is about to sign the boy wonder James Rodrigues from Monaco for 63m and this requires funds, lots of them. And they need it fast as the deal for Rodrigues will be announced probably tomorrow, Monday 21st July.

And this is why Khedira's transfer to Arsenal is reported to be announced as soon as .... Monday....

Lets hope so.

The title is on I tell you.


Anonymous said...

Even if we do sign Khedira I would love to see William Carvalho come in aswell

Anonymous said...

The whole Khedira story is his agent trying to get a better deal from Real.

Unknown said...

Nice one good deal but I need williams calvaho

Anonymous said...

Arsenal need to compromise wit Sami and as well get more signings to solidified the team.

Anonymous said...

Sami is injury prone so I ll prefer cavalho instead.

Anonymous said...

mourinho is just but a fool,would to see khedira joining the gunners before tommorow

jaycinn said...

Come on khedira be a gooner,we lov 2 see yu in arsenal jersey

Unknown said...

Too bad injury prone players cannot provide full support to the team and that's the reality today.

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Unknown said...

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