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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My almost weekly rant at Mr Wenger

By 1970's Gooner

It's becoming an almost weekly criticism come rant from me. And its not aimed only on the players. Its almost always against Mr Wenger.

I was mesmerised of his non management of the lead we had so triumphantly acquired last Saturday against Man City. He did not make a defensive substitution to hold on to the lead nor did he take off Ozil in order to remove his non performance...

But last night against Dortmund was diabolical....

- He played with only one holding player who is way past his best (Arteta).

- He failed to sign a DM in the window going instead for even more attacking midfielders in Ozil and Sanchez.

- Ozil is a massive failure and Wenger cannot admit it. So he has to play him come what may. But no team in the world not even Barca or Real can play with 10 men.

- Give him a chance as a real number 10 if you want and when you again discover that he cannot cut it (as its bound to happen) be a man Mr Wenger and have the balls to drop him. Otherwise you can kiss the season goodbye.

- Everyone agreed with Wenger that another centre back was an absolute minimum. He did nothing. Now we are heavily exposed.

- He let Jenkinson go on loan. Last night we played with a 19 year old rookie....

- Ramsey has been a shadow of himself this season. Either change the formation and play with two holding players and then allow him to be a box to box midfielder OR drop him......

-Where's our width. Where's our pace. Why the hell don't you give the Ox a chance or even Campel? But I forgot you can't drop dopey Ozil.

Mr Wenger is not threatened with the sack. Not like Mourinho or Pellegrini. They have to deliver or they will be out. But Mr Wenger knows that no such pressure exists.

That's why he takes chances that players will not get injured. That's why he gambles.

That's why we will not win the League again.


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Unknown said...

You are absolutely right. Wenger underperforms yet is never called to account. However he makes money for our club's owner and these days at Arsenal, Money seems more important than sport. Let us hope that before long the board and owner will wake up and finally rid us of this gross underperformer who unworthily pockets a salary unbefitting his efforts or abilities