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Friday, October 24, 2014

Jenkinson to be recalled?

By 1970's Gooner

Wenger has only himself to blame. He overloaded on attacking midfielders during the recent transfer windows and neglected the dire need to get in competent, not necessarily technically gifted defensive midfielders and central defenders.

He let Vermaelen AND Jenkinson go and intentionally took a chance that his first choice defenders will not get injured. Hell they didn't. Even  a 5 year old knows that injuries do happen in football. But no he had to take a chance. Why didn't he at least keep Jenkinson... He can recall him now. That's the mature decision to take. Will he do it?

No chance.

This type of reckless behaviour is characteristic of a manager who is not under any pressure to win anything. Can you imagine Mourinho, Pellegrini or any other manager who WANTS to win the league leave his defensive cover so exposed?

They will get the sack if they do not win anything. But Wenger knows that the Arsenal Board are eating out of his hands because he gets the team in the CL places! Because the aim my dear fellows is to make profits for the shareholders not to please the fans necessarily.

Have you heard a top team in any league declare that finishing 4th is a trophy in itself?

Ok maybe it was when we were paying for the loan to build the stadium. But now? What's the excuse Mr Wenger?

You know what? Wenger cannot get out of the 'finishing 4th is good enough mode' I tell you.

It allows him to indulge in his biasedness of developing young talent into stars, playing an overbalanced attacking football (which renders his teams vulnerable to counter attacks from tactically more astute teams and managers) and recruits small technically gifted players at the expense of sturdy, tall and robust midfielders and defenders.

That's why, by the way, we get more injuries than any other team in the PL. You don't need an in depth study to find out why we get so many injuries!


Anonymous said...

Think you got it just about bang on really!

Anonymous said...

you can't recall a loan player when a fee has been paid.

Anonymous said...

A truly dreadful article, lacking any real analysis and ignoring the facts (such as we can't recall Jenks). Very, very poor. Oh & just to preempt the likely response...I'm not suggesting that Wenger hasn't made mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I am in the legal profession and usually in these kind of contracts the parent team can pay back part of the fee and recall the player. If they so wish

Anonymous said...

Wenger is the best known " Mediocre" Manager, with him in the realm, Arsenal is not going to win any Champion League, occasionally may get one or two trophies.

The stupid arrogant Chelsea manager called him " Master of all failures" and he unable to beat Mourinho's Chelsea for so many occasions is sad and hard truth. His style of playing is too simple and most teams with a better manager can beat him easily:- Dortmund is the best example.

ManofConscience said...
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ManofConscience said...


Any contract can be renegotiated/cancelled with penalties.

I don't know any Arsenal supporters who are not constantly cursing Wenger. The problem is that he never just addresses the obvious issues, he always has to be obstinate.

In my opinion we could've won at least 5 titles over the years if he had just addressed obvious issues at the time. Like leading into January and then not strengthening obvious areas, for example with a striker or DM, and then our challenge collapsing in the run up.

The problem is that he along with the rest if the archaic board sees Arsenal solely as a business. Thus any decision is taken on the basis of cost/benefit. If they can finish 4th without spending the extra cash then in their minds that is the best approach, as the cost to finish 1st in their mind outweighs the benefits. Obviously this is the mindset of short-term thinking business men. In the long term Arsenal will be severely damaged, as our support is being eroded from bottom up.

Kids are now reluctant to support Arsenal unless coerced by their parents. Young adults are losing interest, as they get excited every season and put so much energy into support, only for the guys who make the decisions to let them down year after year. The only ones who are hanging on because they have no choice, are the diehards, and they are not going to be around forever.

Who is going to be left Wenger, who? I'll tell you who, A Whole Bunch of Chelsea Supporters.

Anonymous said...

He can't be recalled. Everyone knows Wenger was a fool for not getting in another CB but you obviously have a bit of an agenda against him.

Anonymous said...

Sack Wenger..he is the reason is misfiring! Why buy Debuchy, Sanogo! Welshire, Gibbs are all bench warmers in any big four teams!

Anonymous said...

You raise some spot on points. We are overloaded with attacking mids to a ridiculous extent.We have so many of them but no backup centrebacks. Its truly maddening, furthermore the club knew Koscielny had a lingerin injury which needed managed yet still refused to bring cover in. Now we are lookin at 3fullbacks in the back 4. it goes without saying we waited10years for a defensive mid and Wenger refuses to purchase them.
As for the tactics...frankly they are a joke this year. Theres no runners in the box to support, yet conversely over commit so much we leave our CBs exposed on the counter. It doesn't take a mastermind to figure out all u need to do is flood the midfield cut out space and then u will guarentee to score on us on the counter. Dead easy Jose does it every year and Wenger has no answers. Incredibly frustrating. No matter how much things change we will always scraping 4th for no other reason other than pig headedness and negligence.

Peter gaylor said...

We haven't been able to defend for years,he won't buy any quality defenders or defensive mid fielder.
It hurts me to say this but might be a good thing if we don't finish in the top four,then the board might do something and replace Wenger . He has now passed his sell by date.
I sometimes wonder if he is watching the same game as I am, the other nights match Which we were lucky to win, we were crap.

Zigzag said...

What an utter pile of b*llocks. Dont give up your dsy job mste.

Anonymous said...

Name me one solid defender Wenger has bought in, he has brought in so many failures, is it not obvious that the fraud hasn't got a clue about defensive football, he has become a stale old joke

James said...

kolo'Sol and Lauren also Jens where Wegner buys All four where invincables.