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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Wenger trigered with the formation and paid for it

By 1970's Gooner

Yes you can say we were winning 3 0 and should have kept it. And I would agree. All Arsene had to do was reign in some of the attacking players instincts, flood the midfield and play possession football.

But three things did not happen:

Firstly Arteta had to go off injured. He would have had the nous to organise the players.

Secondly Wenger's substitutions were offensively minded. Both Podolski and Rosicky are not necessarily defensively minded.

What he should have done was to keep Podolski on the bench and The Ox on the pitch. The Ox could have droped back into midfield alongside Rosicky and Flamini. Sanchez also could have been asked to drop back just a little bit. Finally he should have taken Welbeck off and stuck Walcott on to scare them with his pace.

Wenger did none of the above. Worse of all he failed to instruct his players to adopt a more cautious approach and play possession football. Instead his substitutions gave the exact opposite message to his players!

Yes the defensive performance was awful as he indicated in his post match interviews.

But he again I am afraid is to blame. He is the one who overbalanced the team with too many forward minded players and stubbornly refused to buy DEFENDERS.....

And he is the one that triggered with the formation breaking the Arteta and Flamini partnership in order to bring in the very disappointing Ramsey!

The Arteta and Flamini partnership is vital for Arsenal at the moment because, as I wrote so many times before, they provide a disciplined shield in front of a fragile defence which at the moment contains a left back playing as a centre back a rookie 19 year old as a right back.


Unknown said...

Nice analysis. But i think the first problem was that, "if you're winning 3-0' at home". You don't need to send the whole team back, on defence. You just really need to cold out the things, wich is pretty different.
You have to see the things in a game time, not after game. Because you have to know that wenger is coaching in the moment.

Unknown said...

Also wenger, said a really interesting thing, before the match. " Let's keep our priorities right" "Sometimes maybe we wanted too much to win games so we didn’t get our priorities right". What happened?, the exact opposite. We didn't push anything. The 3 goals were individual works. The penalty, the freekick, and the ox goal.

Unknown said...

The team was excessively confided. With Per, on the defence. Ramsey's selfish. Cazorla is a good player, but is really frail.

Nice work from ox, sanchez and even welbeck.