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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Arsene discovers the defensive midfielder Arsenal longed for

By 1970's Gooner

What a dreadful performance. All over the pitch (except Szczesny). No one could hold the ball, pass it to an Arsenal player let alone create anything of note except once when we scored a second undeserved goal.

This performance ranks as one of three worst performances this season so far. The first was away in Dortmund, the second away at Stoke and now away at Anfield.

Today Liverpool's three at the back meant they had one more player in midfield.

They would have dominated even if they had one less than us! It was so bad really.

Overall they were hungrier and quicker than us and combined with Flamini's and Ox's ineffective display in central midfield outrun us in this very sensitive area of the pitch.

Add the fact that Chambers is getting worse and worse with every game and you have a recipe for disaster.

The guy needs a rest but of course Wenger's inability to buy a central defender means that he has to play.

Achieving 4th place is now in serious jeopardy. Maybe we should finish outside the top four to shake up Wenger and those at the Board to do something about it.

I mean we surrendered the title chase in the first 8 games of the season!!!!!! This can't be right....

In any case the one positive thing to come out of this game (except that of getting a very undeserved draw) is that Coquelin's display albeit for 10 or so minutes was a breath of fresh air.

Here was a true defensive midfielder. One who would jump for a header and get it! One who would put his foot in and come out with the ball. One who, after winning the ball, would pass it to a fellow player in a simple way. Without trying to make a through pass or dribble past players.

I predict that Coquelin will become the natural first team choice for Arsenal in this position and save stingy Wenger some money so that he could buy a descent central defender to challenge the established two.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you must be drunk.
Coquelin came on to shore up the midfield and was charging upfield like he was a supporting striker, losing the ball, diving (yep blatantly) and did absolutely nothing defensively. Giroud should've stayed on to defend set-pieces.

Anonymous said...

I think you the previous commenter are eating your words right niw wrt Coquelin!

I am writing this a few weeks after your comment. Coquelin is now a first team regular as this very astute blogger has predicted. I take my hat off to him really.