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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arsenal player ratings and analysis vs Newcastle

By 1970's Gooner

It could have been a walk in the park. We scored 2 goals in the first half and were dominating the game. Yet the Arsenal players acted as though the game was already finished at half time thinking that the Newcastle players changed their boots for flip flops in the dressing room.

We were slow, sleepy and unready to combat the tenacity with which the opponents turned up for the second part. Our marking was not as tight and the cover for players began to be overlooked. Once they scored it was game on. Something we could have done without taking into consideration that the players were tired from the CL game at Monaco.

Credit to the players though who fought hard and kept the result. Credit to Arsene Wenger for putting Bellerin on to help the underachieving Chambers (he is not a right back), Rosicky to help keep the ball more and Flamini to bolster the midfield (he should have kept Sanchez on though and taken Welbeck off).


Had a good solid game again with some very good saves especially the point blank header and the deflected shot. 8


Out of his depth IMO. He is too slow for a right back and lacks positioning sense. He was continually being overrun or out of position. 4


A strong performance and was a leader there at the back. Mistimed his interception in the box however which could have resulted in a penalty. 7


Made no mistakes, played it safe when he needed to and was strong in the air. The BFG is not getting his place back that's for sure. 7


A reasonable performance and kept a good balance between defence and attack. His run of games in the early part of the season as a centre back has helped him regain form enormously. 6


Strong and solid until he got hurt again on his nose which made him loose concentration and give the ball away a few times. Overall THE defensive midfielder we have been looking for. 7


Had a quiet game today probably suffering the effects of the overexertion in the CL game. Made no significant runs forward nor did he control the midfield as per usual. 5


He disappointed me today. He was below par his usual high standards. He over kept the ball on occasion and only got in the box once when he should have scored. Was surprised that Wenger did not sub him. 5


He hasn't reached the heights of earlier in the season but he is still, through his work rate and ability to run forward with the ball, an important player for Arsenal. 6


I was disappointed with his performance today. He is quick but his decision making throughout was lacking. He went passed the defender in the second half in a quick counter attack as though he was not there. But inexplicably chose to shoot from a tight angle instead of passing to the unmarked Giroud or Ramsey who were ready to put the game out of reach. 5


Had a wonderful MOTM performance, scored two quick goals and held the ball up very well when we needed to come out of defence in the second half. 9


Anonymous said...

Walcott will get in the team at the expense of welbeck. He is a better player than him

Anonymous said...

The ref did did not give a single yc for some over robust tackles.The one at the MC sent the wrong player off. What more can you say about these guys?
I have been saying for years,the refs in the epl do not measure up to those in the cl.
It' s about time these blundering officials are publicly reprimanded and banned for a few matches fees deducted.
Btw,with the furore surrounding these guys,there is a simple and yet effective way. Deduct points for clubs whose players confront match officials.
I have noticed players spitting.
This ghastly behavior need to be stopped.Fines won't work .Points deduction will do the job.
Spitting was widespread in China and the Chinatowns in Asia. Spitoons were provided at eating places.Just imagine you are enjoying your food where patrons will spit into such receptacles.Thankfully its all in the past.
Hopefully the football powers will clamp down hard on anti social traits.

Anonymous said...

Walcott has been at Arsenal for along time. He hasn't set the fw on fire as expected.No player has a guaranteed place and you are there only on performance.
If he wants to leave let him go. No one is indispensable.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of this. Except Ospina. He is not convincing on corners and flapped several times. We were lucky that the Toon were unable to take advantage of his failure to dominate set pieces. 7 out of 10 for me.

Anonymous said...

The gunners had led 2-0 against Spurs and Wigan in previous seasons and lost both games.I was afraid if NU had scored the equalizer,thye could have gone on to win.
Thankfully the players secured the win unlike the old days.I think Wenger is now more pragmatic and doesn't go kamikaze on the attack.Hopefully the rd and Pool will grind out in a stalemate.
A word of caution about these refs. Some of these guys have given penalties for any defender touching a forward.In Welbeck's case a penalty could have been given by other refs. I have seen it given.

Anonymous said...

So far so good .Wenger has more choices up front and Walcott has to wait patiently for his chance. This happens to all players at top teams unless you are proven wc like Henry .Then the boss can't afford to drop you.
Btw,Mu are leading 1-0. before the game I had a sneaky feeling Pool's unbeaten record will be under threat. Hopefully they can come back to equalise.
Similarly Arsenal have won six ,seven,if you include the Monaco win.By the law of averages the gunners are due a draw/defeat in the next 5 games.But you never know.Arsenal won 12 to 14 games in the 1998 title winning run.
Hopefully the gunners can buck the trend.
Oh Gerrard has been sent off. That is why you can never trust these mo.One MR was known to favour redface by giving the guy a thousand penalties to help him win the epl.That is why in the cl,he won only a paltry 2 with luck and decided to bow out because his winning days weregetting tougher.

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