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Friday, June 05, 2015

Cech likely to sign for Arsenal

By 1970's Gooner

It seems that Mourinho will be overruled by Abramovich and let Cech decide which team to continue his illustrious career. And Cech is likely to choose Arsenal over Manchester United as his family is settled in London; he will not want to force a change of school and city on his family.

The trouble is whether Arsene Wenger will want to bring Cech to Arsenal!

He has to take into consideration the existing three goalkeepers he already has on Arsenal's books. If Cech is to become the new Lehman, Wenger will have to let one of his goalkeepers go. And we all know how he loathes giving up on players he brought to the club and his commitment to them.

However Cech's impact on Arsenal will be extremely momentous. In two ways:

First he will bring the authority, presence and the top quality that Arsenal need to launch at last a title winning campaign.

But what is of equal importance is the lift it will give to the rest of the players who will feel that they have a world class goalkeeper to look after the nets.

Do not underestimate the impact on the fans too. We will feel that we are now (and Wenger) really, really serious about winning the title again.

In my opinion his transfer fee could be easily recouped by selling Szczesny and promoting the very promising Martinez.

The worse decision will be for Wenger to do nothing and keep the same keepers at the club.

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