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Thursday, September 17, 2015

So this is why Arsene rejected Schneiderlin?

By 1970's Gooner

There are of course mitigating circumstances for that defeat in Zagreb.

Firstly, the number of changes Wenger made were to keep those players happy having been out of first team action for so long. He may have promised them that (especialy to Ospina). He was also resting key players for the Chelsea game.

As a result there was no homogeneity in the team and the players played as though they hardly knew each other.

Secondly the full backs were not really match fit. Debuchy allowed the scorer too much space (and the Ox failed to track back). And Gibbs was too tired to jump for that corner!!

Thirdly Giroud and the ref were too stupid. It meant that the chance to get back in the game was gone.

And lastly Arteta was non existent! How did Wenger think that he could be Coquelin's cover, in case he is absent at any point in time, is beyond me.

We simply had no defensive cover throughout the game. It reminded me when Arteta was first choice a couple of seasons ago and our midfield was like a sink riddled with holes where the water met no resistance going through.

It became so obvious that when Coquelin came on we suddenly started pressing hard in midfield, winning the ball and setting on the attacks again. And all this WITH TEN MEN. In fact we were better with 10 than 11!

Is this the reason Wenger rejected Schneiderlin? To keep Arteta as a cover for Coquelin?!!!!

Bad decision Mr Wenger.


looneygooner said...

this is why the clown Wenger will never win the CL or another pl, he simply isn't good enough and needs to go

Anonymous said...

Wenger is a bank manager. We will grovel top four, go out of CL at last sixteen, if we're lucky and possibly win a domestic cup that none of the real teams care about. To have not invested in the squad is a disgrace, why? Well other than Sanchez and maybe Cech, which of our players would get a game at City, Chelsea, Barcs, Real, Juve, Bayern even Man.Utd.....the world changes AW doesn't! Grrrrrrr!

Unknown said...

Wenger must go

PJ said...

Cech, Kosielny, Bellerin, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Walcott, Ozil and Sanchez.,.would all get games at those clubs.

I totally agree x2 players this summer were needed, that would have made us challengers for the League and Champions League...I cannot understand our total failure to do that

And the reason it's so frustrating is the players I have named are very good players, that needed some help to push on, we are so close to a team that can challenge

Instead we have to wait until at least January knowing we're not strong enough! But don't underestimate just how many top players we really have...

Anonymous said...

Please the article in the Daily Telegraph how Wenger's sterotype tactics was
responsible for the loss. You don't have to be a coach . Give the gunners 95% opossesssion and let them pass endlessly.
Hit on the break and you are sure to get a goal.Why? Wenger likes to play a hdl.
It has been happening for years and will happen on Saturday with Costa getting a hattrick.
I mho,Arsenal will never win the epl and cl as long as he is manager.He is too arrogant and blames others when Arsenal get beeten.

Anonymous said...

AW is useless. Its his fault Giroud got kicked out of the game. We played horrible for a team with ten men. His tactics are horrible and predictable. You can always counter attack against Arsenal. Especially when they are a man down.

To top it all off he has grey hair. What kind of coach has grey hair.

......Get a life people.

Anonymous said...

Lets not get silly and start criticising all our players, saying they're not good enough to get into other top sides. They are. We've got brilliant players at the moment but we all know where we need a couple of reinforcements. Santi, Paulista, Monreal (& Tomas) could all be added to the above list but I too can't understand why we didn't nail down Schneiderlin or Vidal - and maybe make a serious offer for Lewandowski.

Anonymous said...

Our midfield will be sorted next summer when Arteta & Flamini. I get the feeling Wenger knows who he wants but injury prevented the move this summer... Carvalho.

Anonymous said...

my own problem is the board of directors.I can't believe that they are seeing all these faults on Wenger and still kept quiet.I think they are looking on us the fans as fools for the long awaited trophies but let me assure the board that i have Arsenal at heart but Arsenal has started loosing its fans because of wenger.So if care is not taking this year to redress this wenger problem then the board is merely telling us that they have a secret dealings with this failure of a manager that is beyond our reasoning and it will lead to chaos

Anonymous said...

Nice to see all the morons are back out in force with this defeat.

Wenger didn't buy Schneiderlin for many reasons:
1. He's not better than Coquelin and could never guarantee him first team selection
2. ManU are paying him £180,000 pw.
3. £25m fee was a joke.

now all of you - please jog on.

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