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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Debuchy is going nowhere

By 1970's Gooner

Arsene Wenger was until today ready to release Debuchy to go out on loan. This was so that he could get the necessary games and fitness levels required to maximise his chances of being selected for the Euro 2016 tournament. The possible destinations were Aston Villa and recently Sunderland.

Now with the sad news that Jenkinson has suffered a significant, possibly a season ending, injury during West Ham's game against Man City, this loan transfer for Debuchy is bound to be scrapped.

Surely Wenger will not take the chance and release Debuchy now he cannot use Jenkinson as a back up for the impressive Bellerin. The plan was that Debuchy would go to, most probably, Aston Villa and Jenkinson was to be recalled from West Ham.

The alternatives for Wenger will be Chambers, who is too slow, Gabriel who is a centre back and now needed in this position anyway as the BFG is out for 3 games and Flamini who has played in this position some years ago when he could run. Now he is not up to it.

Gibbs does not come into consideration as he is very left footed. Wenger could of course play Gibbs at left back and move Monreal at right back, if the need arises of course, but this would be placing square pegs in round holes. Unacceptable for a team chasing the title.

So Debuchy is going nowhere.


trugun said...

So Debuchy is going nowhere. Says you, I'll wait and see what AW does as he may have a completely different take on the situation, plus its well known he doesn't like to keep unhappy players regardless of any and all situations.

Stevie S said...

I say move Debuchy on. He's 30 years old, on a high wage and hasn't done it on the pitch. Although injury hasn't helped him. Bellarin has been fantastic for us and God forbid he gets injured, Chambers is more than capable of coming into the side at right back. Lad only lacks a little confidence, a run in the side would do him the world of good.