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Thursday, March 10, 2016

I don't sleep when I score but Ramsey's absence unbalances the team

By 1970's Gooner

Maybe Wenger should have a good look at himself. One of the worst things in life is not when we make mistakes but when we repeat them.

And Wenger certainly did repeat the same mistake he made when he summoned Theo Walcott to come on as a sub in the League Cup against Sheffield Wed. I was watching that game and I when I saw Theo getting stripped to come on it was obvious to me that he had not warmed up.

From my own experiences when playing football lack of a proper warm up was a very dangerous way to go. I was worried for Theo and then of course a few minutes later he was off, out for a couple of months or so.

Funnily enough I had the same thoughts when I saw Ramsey getting stripped to come on against Hull. It was obvious he had not had a proper warm up. And of course he was subed 16 minutes later.

His absence is much more important than you think.

This is because his contribution in central midfield had began to waver recently especially in the crunch games where Arsenal had to keep it tight and be resilient. This was especially true against Man Utd and even Swansea, games which we lost.

Wenger then made a tactical switch for the game against Spurs by deploying Ramsey on the right side of midfield just as he had deployed him when Cazorla was fit and playing.

This move had two beneficial outcomes for the tactical set up of the team.

Firstly Ramsey's position in central midfield was taken by a more defensively minded midfielder in Elneny (who greatly impressed). Playing Elneny and Coquelin together at Spurs was stunningly effective blunting their forwards and attacking midfielders and provided the platform to control the game. Where it not for the red card, Arsenal would have run out winners and back in the title race, big time.

It was not a surprise therefore that Wenger chose to play the same formation in central midfield at Hull by choosing Elneny and Flamini to start. This imo means that this is the way Wenger will go for the rest of the remaining games and so it should be. And this is why I have still hope that we will go undefeated for the rest of the season.

Secondly Ramsey's contribution from the wide midfield position proved very beneficial against Spurs. This is because he usually dropped into the midfield areas to help the more central players in keeping possession and also provided a goal threat, something which he is very capable of doing as we were so delighted to see.

This impact now will be sadly missed for the next few weeks at least (the prognosis is still not out yet). If Cazorla was fit he could have taken over duties in this position but he is not back yet till the 2nd of April.

So Wenger will now have to choose who to play in the wide right midfield position. It will be one of Welbeck, Campbell and Walcott. He could of course play Giroud at centre forward and Welbeck on the right which I would prefer.

Whatever he chooses to do it seems that we have missed a great chance to deploy a formation which would have given the team the perfect balance between attack, midfield dominance and defensive protection.

I am glad Sanchez cannot sleep when he doesn't score. It means that he is deeply troubled when he is not helping the team win games.

For my part when I score I don't sleep at all.....if you see what I mean. But Ramsey's absence does unbalance the team which may keep me awake.


looneygooner said...

Don't make me laugh, Ramsey is undisciplined in midfield, always losing the ball and neglecting his position, even Wenger on the touch line has to have a word, Lampard said the same, I think you will find we will play better as an unit without him, one season wonder, he simply isn't good enough, and I for one along with many fans will not miss him in the Team

Anonymous said...

Ramsey hasn't got the vision or awareness to play in the middle of the park so his best position is on the right but I wouldn't have him in my starting eleven.surely Joel Campbell has done enough in recent weeks to deserve a run in the team.ramsay looks like a one season wonder to me,

Anonymous said...

Agree with looneygooner. Ramsey plays everywhere, but his position. He thought that he had a free role as deep lying central mid and also on the right. He should have been dropped ages ago, but there wasn't anyone to take his place. The team will be more balanced with him out of the squad.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey slows down attacks by holding to the ball and has loose passes.