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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is the unthinkable happening?

By 1970's Gooner

At this stage of the season I was expecting to write about Arsenal's run in for the battle to the League title, the first in the post Highbury era. I would have been predicting the results of the remaining games for both contenders and we would have been coming out on top by winning at home our final game against an already relegated Aston Villa.

But now not only this is definitely not happening we are locked in a battle for fourth place with Man City, Man Utd and West Ham!

In fact the nightmare scenario is beginning to unfold.

Leicester drop further points now that Vardy is out and their confidence begins to diminish.

Spurs gain momentum winning all their remaining games.

They also gain the press's favour which influences referee decisions with adverse effects on Leicester.

Spurs sprint over the finishing line winning the title.

Man City with newfound confidence from the win against PSG and Chelsea continue their good form. They easily finish third and reach the finals of the CL (they get thrashed by Bayern in the final).

Meantime Arsenal stumble over the line like a drunken sailor trying to return to his ship without getting noticed.

But so spectacular is their lack of form they fail to beat Villa at the Emirates in the final game of the season in front of a half full Emirates.

Manchester United continue their good form and spectacularly gain fourth spot from Arsenal.

This proves to be the last straw for the much maligned Arsenal supporters who stage a demonstration outside the Emirates on the last match day of the season venting their anger with unprecedented venomous ferocity.

The Board is shaken but not stirred. They stick by Wenger and he sticks by them. He always sees his contracts out.

In the meantime Liverpool reach the final of the Europa League and under the invigorating tutelage of Klopp win the final on penalties (against Sevilla).

Preseason arrives and Wenger announces that he will be signing outfield players this summer if the right top top top players become available who will be better than what we've already got (England do well in the Euros going out in the Semi Finals on penalties against the Germans).

In the meantime Ospina is sold back to Lyon and Szczesny stays at Roma. Martinez is brought back from Wolves and promoted to second choice goalkeeper behind the ageing Cech (who repeatedly fails to get across his goal to stop shots from outside the box).

In order to bolster his central defensive options and to offer an alternative to the fast ageing Mertesacker Wenger opts to promote Bielik rather than buy. The supporters are getting really worried now.

HiguaĆ­n becomes available at 80m and Wenger balks at the asking price biding his time hoping to reduce the price to what he considers as reasonable, judging by the player's age.

In the meantime Benzema wants out of Real but is till embroiled in his dispute with the law.

In early August Wenger and Arsenal announce at last the signing of a player. He is another midfielder in the 20m bracket.

Apart from releasing Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini as their contracts run out Wenger lets Gibbs and Walcott leave the club.

As the first day of the season arrives Wenger announces that we are still looking for that top top top striker and if he becomes available we have the funds to push it through.

I will leave you to write or imagine the rest.....

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Anonymous said...

The thing is past behaviour is generally a good indicator of what will happen going forward.
That is what Arsenal do best, sell you dreams always in the future, never now!
I personally cancelled my club membership today. Well and truly Fu*ks off!