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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wenger and Arsenal fall for the same tranfer trick again

By 1970's Gooner

It was obvious to me that something very fishy and smelly was going on. When Arsenal tabled a bid for 20m triggering Vardy's release clause I had this feeling that this transfer didn't sound right.

Just like the famous 40m plus one pound offer for Liverpool's Suarez. And we ended up being humiliated with the player staying at Liverpool and getting a substantial rise in wages in the process. Maybe that's why Suarez's agent alerted Wenger to the release clause after all.

Well Wenger has been duped again. It is obvious that the whole Vardy saga was well staged by the player's agent so that Leicester would up Vardy's wages from the 80,000 per week agreed a few months ago to 100,000.

Vardy had probably no intention of joining Arsenal. He has just won the PL with Leicester, will play in the CL with Leicester, is the hero of Leicester and it was profoundly obvious he would never leave Leicester.

Apparently the only person that was not aware of it was Arsene Wenger.

He makes a habit for falling for such tricks.

Or did he? Surely he will not use it as an excuse to show that he tried but couldn't find a top top player to join us.


Anonymous said...

The problem is the ditherer can't resist a so called " bargain"-& would rather a cheaper version to buy & say " look how shrewd & clever I am"-mug!

Anonymous said...

But he could not know in advance if it was an agent's trick or a genuine transfer possibility. I think he was justified in at least making an attempt, even if he suspected that the probability of this going through was not high.

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