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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wenger walks away from Mustafi deal

By 1970's Gooner

Dick Law has been to Spain and now he is back empty handed.

Gulliem Balague, the Spanish journalist, has reported that Valencia are not really that cash strapped as they will unload other players to meet the FFP rules.

This makes sense as one would have expected that Valencia would agree a reasonable fee for Mustafi if they really wanted to sell and get their roster sorted before the commencement of La Liga. Yet they do the opposite.

They raise the price even further. They sense that Wenger is desperate, really desperate. And they aim to take advantage.

In the meantime West Brom hack up the price for their average ex man Utd central defender Evans to 25m!!!

I am laughing out loud as I write this. I really am. For Wenger's tactics for negotiating transfers have come back to haunt him. CLUBS DO NOT NEED TO SELL THEIR PLAYERS.

And if they want to they will do it only for crazy money.

And we all know that Wenger, under no pressure from the owners to win anything (apart from finishing in the top 4), will walk away.

And believe me he WILL WALK AWAY.

There is another real reason he will walk away.

The performances of Rob Holding have been outstanding especially next to a more experienced Koscienly. So Wenger will ask himself. Is a new addition at 30m a better value for money when compared to Holding's capabilities?

Wenger will stay put. He will wing it with Holding and Koscienly until Gabriel comes back and then decide, according to how Holding has been doing till then, who will partner Koscienly.


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Anonymous said...

Then he will do as he has done for years. FILL THE GAP WITH ANYONE HE HAS AT HAND. IT DOES NOT MATTER if we are trashed. He will come with his lies about being unlucky. AKB like Tony and Walter, the Arsene mercenaries will write loads of articles to mislead the fans, about every theme they think of ; analysis upon analysis about referees and playing styles, poor support of fans etc , etc.
But what do you expect of a damn liar and specialist in failure, who has above all to pay for the 599 employees' salaries?