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Monday, November 07, 2016

And I thought Arsenal had the more mature team

By 1970's Gooner

Arsene Wenger has been telling us for a long time now that he has a more mature team these days. Certainly the average age of the Arsenal players is a few years more than that of Spurs who by the way is considered to be the youngest team in the Premier League.

And you would have expected that maturity would bring calmness, non anxiety and methodical play. Yet we did not witness this during the North London derby.

In fact it was the Spurs players who played without fear and calmness. They passed the ball accurately and were disciplined enough to hold their positions and carry out their game plan even with a 3 5 2 formation they were trying for the first time.

In contrast the Arsenal players were misplacing their passes and did not have the patience to carry out their attacks calmly. They were anxious and nervous.

I am afraid to say so but we have seen this kind of performance before, especially last season where whenever we needed to win a game to go top of the League we failed miserably. When the pressure was off we would revert to our more scintillating nature.

This is the biggest obstacle that has to be overcome if we are to actually WIN the title.

And I expect Wenger to put this right.

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Ifeanyi Okagbue said...

Well said. One reason I like Elneny. He is very calm in posession and mobile.