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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A way to solve the defensive crisis and keep the three at the back formation

By 1970's Gooner

The central defenders crisis which has fallen upon Arsenal has made choosing the formation according to the players left standing. But should it be so?

Lets start with the formation.

I believe the three at the back belatedly employed by Wenger is the most appropriate formation.

It gives more defensive stability with the wing backs bombing up and down the line offering support when in offence and providing more cover at the back when we don't have the ball.

Equally important is the fact that the attacking players, especially dozy Ozil, are relieved of their defensive duties and can concentrate on their more creative aspects of their game.

It's no wonder that the team has let in only 6 goals in their last 9 games. This is a title winning ratio. Apart from the figures, the team looks more stable and balanced between defence and attack which is very important.

So in my mind we have to carry on with the three at the back formation. It's the only way we can beat Chelsea.

But you might say all well and good but we now haven't got the central defenders to do it.

I say we may have.

If Mustafi can get over his concussion problems then the problem is solved of course. But with the new FA rules on the matter it looks that he will probably not make it as he is still feeling dizzy when running.

And I would not suggest that Mertesacker starts. He practically has not played for the whole season and even admits that he is not sure he can do it.

A possible line up at the back will include both the Ox and Bellerin.

The Ox as right wing back and Gibbs as left wing back.

The three at the back will be Bellerin at the right, Monreal in the middle and Holding on the left.

I am convinced that this formation with this personnel will provide the best chance for Arsenal and Wenger to lift the Cup on Saturday.

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