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Monday, March 12, 2018

The ideal circumstances for Wenger's exit

By 1970's Gooner

It will seem somewhat strange to be writing about Wenger's departure from Arsenal Football Club when a fine victory has been achieved against Watford.

But it is obvious that even he has realised that achieving 4th place in the league is now beyond the realm of possibility. It will require two teams to begin having a nightmare run in to the closing stages of the League. This is highly unlikely.

He has obviously began concentrating on winning the Europa Cup and achieving entry into the CL via that route. This is why he has been resting players from the League games thus giving them time to heal and rest. Wenger's team selection for Watford is a clear indication of that.

And wouldn't it be an ideal situation for Arsenal and Wenger to actually win the Cup, achieve CL qualification AND THEN DEPART.

It would be ideal for most of all us fans who admire what he has done for the club and would hate seeing him spoil his legacy by staying on too long.


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