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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The formation to get the best out of Ozil

By 1970's Gooner

There is only one formation and position that Mr Emery should adopt with regard to Ozil for Saturday's game against Chelsea. And it is not that which he opted for in the match against City.

That had two drawbacks. 

The first was that Ozil was deployed on the left side of the forward line which did not allow him to dictate and play his usual game of intelligent passing. It is obvious he is much better utilised playing in the middle of the pitch rather than be wasted out wide.

The second drawback is that he is useless at tracking back and/or marking. It was really a lack of judgement by Mr Emery to actually deploy him in that position. 

Let's hope he realises his mistake and if he considers that Ozil should start then play him as a number 10 behind the main striker.

Starting Ozil at the number 10 position would mean that Ramsey's participation in the starting 11 could be in jeopardy because in the preferred 4 2 3 1 formation he can't fit in as one of the 2 'more defensive midfielders'.

This will unbalance the whole team as Ramsey cannot play the holding role nor will he be disciplined enough to keep his position.  

Emery started with Guendouzy and Xhaka against City. I think he will play one of them along side Torreira which means that Ramsey's chances for starting in central midfield are not high.

He could deploy him on the right wing and it would make sense as Ramsey will help keep the ball, combine with Ozil and make his dangerous runs into the box. He will also fall back into midfield and defend when possession is lost.

In my opinion Iwobi could play that role too as he has done very effectively against Chelsea last season.

Mkhitaryan looked very unfit and was useless against City. He neither attacked nor defended well. He should be dropped.

I expect Lacazette to start up front with Aubameyang  on the left and Emery will probably start with Mkhitaryan on the right, but in my opinion he shouldn't. Ozil will be behind Lacazette.                            


Bellerin  Papastathopoulos  Mustafi  Lichtsteiner

      Guendouzy  Torreira

Ramsey   Ozil  Aubameyang   



Anonymous said...

Nice formation

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I agree with you.

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