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Monday, August 26, 2019

Unai Emery needs to take a good look at himself

By 1970's Gooner

Unai Emery needs to take a good look at himself. He chose to play very defensively against Liverpool at Anfield and there is nothing wrong with that. But really you have to first choose the right formation and importantly the right personel.

Much has been said about the diamond formation which left a lot of space on the flanks for Liverpool's full backs to expose which is of course very correct.

But really the point is that the formation should have been to play with 3 at the back and the two wing backs to cover the flanks giving added protection in that sensitive area.

He also needed to include at least one if not two defensive midfielders in front of the back 3 for added protection. Who was the defensive midfielder among Guendouzi, Xhaka, Ceballos and Willock?

Ceballos is too raw in the Premier League for the moment to play in such a difficult game and so it proved. He hardly did anything of note and the game was passing by him...

Really how can you go to Anfield adopt defensive tactics against one of the most potent attacking sides of the league and play without a defensive player in the middle. This is mind boggling!

And finally he should have started with Lacazette and Aubameyang up front with Pepe on the bench. Lacazette with his combative attitude could drop back a little and help out when not in possession. Pepe to bring on later in the game when players from both sides tire.

The most worrying aspect of it all for me is that Emery was at a loss to try and take corrective action.

He made NO substitutions at half time when it was so obvious that we were being run ragged and torn to pieces. At least stick Torreira there at half time. Bring Lacazette on AT half time for Pete's sake.


Emery was proved inept. At playing the right tactics WITH the right personnel and the right

This is really worrying...


Unknown said...

This analysis is accurate. Emery was clueless in team selection. Toreirra is the best defensive midfielder that Arsenal has and he was left on the bench. Lacazette is best at holding the ball upfront and he was left on the bench! I was so annoyed by the team selection.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree your analysis totally. There is some case to say he should have played wingbacks but that would have weakened us in the centre. It’s worth remembering that for the first half his tactics largely worked, We could easily have been ahead in the half and we conceded from a corner which had nothing to do with the formation. The game was killed in the second half by individual errors not tactics. Not sure changing anything at half time would have altered that. Liverpool are better than us at the moment, far better but we could be closer by next season. Spurs Sunday will give us a better idea where we are.

nikhin said...

This manager should be fired ,his team selection is annoying . leaving laca on bench such huge match .. He is mad .. this is premier league and he is here one year ,if he is not learning then no more top four this year also

Unknown said...

Unia Emery is the worst coach I have ever seen #38 match #38 changes for God sake still with one formation and one 1st eleven and stop killing our games with your formation and play the right players,you played guenduozi and willock up till #80mins and bench lacazzette and terreira you most be insane

Unknown said...

Let the board question this manager team selection if not he will still repeat this next time maybe against MAN CITY,after that result the board and fans in London will take action

Jay said...

Emery has demonstrated incompetence consistently. Liverpool are the better side but Emery made it easy for them.

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Lacazette is best at holding the ball up front and he was left on the bench! I was so annoyed by the team selection.
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