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Thursday, October 01, 2020

How will Arteta fit Aouar in the starting 11?

By 1970's Gooner

It has been argued that Aouar is the missing link in Arteta's Arsenal revolution. He is the player that will provide the creative spark in the middle of the park that is apparently missing. He has also been touted as the equivalent of what K.D. Bruyne is to Man City.

However if he does eventually come to Arsenal and Arteta gives him a place in the starting 11 then this has implications primarily for Ceballos who is the more creative player currently in the squad. 

Furthermore Aouar does not really have a defensive element in his armoury. He is more like an Eden Hazard in built and technical skills which should excite us gooners no end.

However this implies that Arteta can either keep the same formation of 3 4 3 and have one pure holding player in front of the defence with Aouar given a free license to roam or he may have to change formation in order to accommodate him and keep some solidity.

This formation will probably be a 4 2 3 1 where he will play as a number 10 when Arsenal are on the offensive. This will allow for retaining the two more defensive midfielders in front of the defence and add a more offensive nature in the team. 


Bellerin  Luiz  Gabriel  Tierney

Elneny Xhaka

Saka  Aouar Aubameyang


(I personally think that Willian needs to be dropped as he has been awful in the last two games).

It does however mean that there will be less cover in defence with a flat four. This can be compensated by one of the defensive midfielders dropping in the back four when we are defending and by at least one of the full backs staying behind when we are attacking. 


Unknown said...

How have we come to a situation when a rational Arsenal fan has elneny in his starting 11? Why would you stoop to an only just adequate squad player? If we are not going to try cover Xhakas lamentable lack of mobility, surely we should persevere with Torreira? He is a world class DM imo and has, at the very least, proven time and time..and time and time and time..again to be exponentially better than Elneny in every way.
Why have gunners fans everywhere fallen for a guy who has proven hes not good enough after one decent performance in a friendly? Is it just because Atreta seems to like him that you want to too?

And what about Ceballos..who carried the midfield single handed to the cup win? Not only should he be in ahead of mo, he should be first choice over Xhaka.

Where has this Elneny love-in come from? We know who he is, and he ai t Arsenal starter quality.Too much! Hes a decent 4th or 5th choice midfielder...shouldn't be near the team even if we buy nobody.

If Elneny starts, we have screwed this up monumentally. Oy just this window, but all the other ones we looked for an upgraded midfield in.

Anonymous said...

There is merit in what you say but xhaka and ceballos are not really holding midfielders. So you need a holding midfielder in there and at the moment Elneny is the best we've got. Arteta wants Partey in and this reinforces this point I think.