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Friday, November 19, 2021

How should Arteta approach the Liverpool game and which players should start?

 By 1970's Gooner

We should not be carried away with the noise coming out of Liverpool with regard to who is injured and who is available to play for them. For one thing you should not trust it and on the other whoever plays the difficulty of the task remains very high.

There are usually three main approaches to a game. One is to go gang ho and press from the the first minute from the front, win the ball high and squeeze the opponents in their half. I don't of course think that would be suitable here. 

The other extreme would be to drop very deep, with two banks of four in front of the box (park the bus) and go for the quick counter attacks.

The middle way would be to employ a midblock around the half way line, press and squeeze in a disciplined way and counter attack with purpose. This is what West Ham did perfectly and this is the game plan I would go for.

There are two other things that Arsenal should also pursue. One is to give emphasis to corner and free kicks as we have been brilliant in this area so far and Liverpool have shown a weakness there, especially their goalkeeper and right back (Trent Alexander Arnold).

The other is to target our attacks towards Liverpool's right hand side which is often left vacant by Arnold who likes to roam forward a lot leaving spaces behind.

Overall it is vitally important to approach the game with self confidence and belief and be ready to hurt them in every opportunity, otherwise the game plan would go into the waste paper basket.

I would go with the same 11 that started the last game but I would have Lacazette playing slightly behind Aubameyang in a 4 4 1 1 formation to give more support in midfield when without the ball.

I would also start with Tierney in defence rather than Tavares as he has much more experience in this position in the Premier League and of course could exploit, along with Smith Row, the right hand side of Liverpool's defence using his pace and crossing ability.


Tomiyasou  White Gabriel Tierney

Saka Partey Lokonga Smith Row




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