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Monday, April 02, 2007

Reasons to be cheerful. Arsenal to challenge for the title next season.

We wish to remind all those doom merchants that there are a lot of things right about Arsenal. AW has assembled a young and very gifted squad which will be around for the next ten years. No other premiership team has so much talent on its books. Do not forget that the youngsters went all the way to the final of the Carling Cup.
As analysed before ( Arsenal's transfer targets) AW needs to add, at the most, three experienced players to supplement the current squad: a goalkeeper (if Lehmann leaves), a pacy winger and a forward. And we mean experienced. Not young players who have to ask permission from their parents to play in evening kick off games..
When the inadequacies of the team are rectified Arsenal will challenge once again for the title and will keep on challenging for years as the young players mature.

Anelka for sale ?

An interesting piece of news came out of Bolton recently. It quoted Sam Allardyce saying that if the right price was offered he will let Anelka go! Reading between the lines it seems that Anelka wants out as he has done in all his previous employments. He has not stayed at one club for more than two seasons. We think and have written about it before, Anelka should be considered seriously by AW as he has significant skills and goal scoring ability that will enhance Arsenal’s forward line significantly.

The beautiful game and how to make it better.

Our suggestions with regard to improving the beautiful game,
The beautiful game and how to make it better which appeared in a previous posting were picked up by the Independent Newspaper (because we sent them on)! One item made the list of readers’ suggestions that the newspaper published. This related to less serious offences in the penalty area for which we recommended that a secondary penalty be awarded.

A friend has 8 shares in Arsenal!

A good friend is the proud owner of eight Arsenal shares that were bought more than 25 years ago for a pittance. Now they are worth thousands of pounds. But more importantly he is wishing that he may end up holding the balance of power if a prospective buyer requires a few more shares to take control of Arsenal


Anonymous said...

just read your post on the Squad assessment. Well sorry to tell you, but its completely crap and if you're a true gooner you'd have realised. Eboue has been consistently underperforming throughout the season and his attitude has been nothing short of abysmal. Lapses of concentration and casual passing has made him one of our flops of the season. We should defo replace him in the summer. Hleb should be given a stern warning to shape up or ship out as its plain as day that arsenal needs better players than him. You can count on him for goals at all. Its times when you see him play that we all miss pires. Fab also needs new scoring boots as it is essential that our centre midfielders chip in with a couple every season at least. Esp since hes one of our most regular starters

Anonymous said...

You are right that Ebuoe's let the team down in terms of attidude but his incisive runs down the wing are part and parcel of Arsene's way of play.

Yes Hleb needs to shape up. But who to get in place of both Ebuoe and Hleb?

Anonymous said...

Ribery is an excellent player and flamini can play at right back

Anonymous said...

To anonymus,

Our conclusions and thoughts are based on watching all of arsenal's games, home and away and analysing each performance as we see it.

You are of course entitled to your opinions and we respect them.

But being a true gooner does not relate as to what opinions one may have.

Anonymous said...

Now flamini is leaving we can add more money in the kitty for Arsene's tranfer dealings.

good lack to flamini

Anonymous said...

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