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Friday, April 27, 2007

Wenger is in denial… again

Arsenal’s disappointing season has now been blamed on the new pitch! Wenger is arguing that the players could not feel at home and needed time to get accustomed to the new surroundings!

But surely one can not really blame a whole season of under achievement on just the new stadium?

Wenger in denial seems to be a characteristic typical of him.

Here are some of the excuses he has used at various times this season to explain the disappointing results.

The defensive attitude of the opponents.

Hell what do you expect them to do? Roll over and ask for mercy? The onus is surely on the coaching staff to work out ways and playing systems to break them down.

And can someone tell us what formation and tactics did Arsenal employ against Villarreal in the semi final of the Champions League? Or even that shameful Cup Final against Man Utd that Arsenal won on penalties? We consider it shameful, by the way, for the negative way Arsenal approached the game and for how much it went against the principle of playing beautiful football.

Time wasting by the opponents.

And please does anyone know what did Lehmann get booked for in the home game against Bolton? Or do you remember the various occasions that Arsenal players took the ball to the corner flag and kept it there to waist time especially during the premiership winning seasons? The beautiful game and how to make it better

The fracas in the Carling Cup Final.

The fighting and the ensuing disruption of the flow of the game in the Carling Cup Final affected the players, limiting the chance of a comeback.

Hell the youngsters lost, even if they played the better football, because Chelsea had strong, experienced and seasoned players out there who know how to win games when things are not going for them.

The World Cup and Henry’s overuse by Mr Domenech.

Yes Henry was probably too tired after the World cup and he did aggravate his injuries. But the Premiership is full of international players and a lot of them played in the world Cup. And a lot of them play for Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool and you did not see their managers blaming any bad runs on the World Cup!

Need we go on?

The real reasons of course are what every football pundit knows. The distinct lack of experienced players in a thin squad, the need for the youngsters to find their feet, the almost obsessive infatuation with walking the ball in the net, the failure to kill off teams when they were on top and the lack of strength and determination to crank out wins when not playing well.

Need we go on again?

Please add your own if you feel the need!


Anonymous said...

Although I agree with the reasons for underperforming this season I think injuries to key players played a big part too.

Anonymous said...

Wenger is not in denial . He knows what he is doing. He is protecting his young players

Anonymous said...

walking the ball into the net has simply got to stop next season if we are to win any trophies

Anonymous said...

Flooding the team with with kids and getting rid of experience IS the only real reason for no trophies this season