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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barcelona encouraged by Cesc’s split with agent

By Aries

The story that has been going around is that Cesc has been angered by his agent’s desire to stall the recent negotiations for a renewed and improved contract with Arsenal which currently runs till 2012.

Diaz is reported to want a move for Cesc back to Spain and to Real Madrid. Greed has been used as an excuse of course.

But according to Spanish paper “Elmundo deportivo” a source close to Arsenal spoke about the "tremendous surprise" felt at the club for the break up between Cesc and Joseba Diaz.

Diaz is reported by the Spanish paper to have excellent relations with Arsenal and especially Arsene Wenger whose relationship is characterized as “unsurpassed”.

He is the one who has after all acted and still does for Almunia and young Fran Merida and enjoys Wenger’s full confidence.

The recent split is in fact interpreted in Spain as opening the ground a little bit further for Cesc’s transfer back to his homeland.

Barcelona are known to be keen on the player and according to “Elmundo deportivo” so are his (divorced) parents who would prefer him to return home.

But the transfer fee of €50m (35m pounds) is considered very high although his young age 20 would allow for a long amortization period.

Additionally Diaz is a “persona non grata” at Barcelona as he was accused of having taken advantage of the 'impasse' which had preceded the arrival of the new Board headed by Joan Laporta and whisked the young Fabregas to Arsenal.

Now he is out of the picture they feel that their chances of succeeding have increased.

The Spanish media are mentioning Mariano Aguilar, Ivan Corretja and Ramon Sostres as potential candidates for becoming Fabregas’s new manager.

Cesc Fàbregas, yesterday with the Spain national team, did not want to comment on the break with Joseba Diaz. "I do not speak on that issue" he said.

Cesc seems to me to be a sound and mature young man and I would think he would recognise that his immediate future lies with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, the man who has harnessed his rise to stardom and hopefully glory since he was a boy of 15.

I am sure he would not want to make the same mistake that a young Anelka made who thought he could conquer the world but in fact ended up changing clubs every other year not settling anywhere and missing his chance to truly become great.

However Cesc would indeed get frustrated like Henry and Vieira eventually did if Arsenal do not manage to win significant trophies in the next few years. And if he does get frustrated then there are plenty of vultures floating around ready to pounce.


Anonymous said...

it hates me to say it but within the next 3 years fab will leave arsenal because, he always dreamt of playing for barca and made his intention clear that he will return to spain.
what upsets me most is if he was at man utd this will never arise because purple face fergurson will never let it happen, and when he leaves he will go for cheap due to arsene and arsenal player loyalty.

Anonymous said...

we have to win something big very soon otherwise players like cesc and flamini might be leaving us for pastures new

Anonymous said...

If Fabregas wanted to play for Barca he would never have left. He owes a lot to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for giving him the opportunity because at Barca he wouldnt have got it thats for sure. Yet ANORTHER media story to try disrupt Arsenal - when will they ever leave us alone ffs.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as Cesc has just been quoted as saying that leaving Arsenal would be a mistake, I think the word we are looking for to describe the barca excitement over this is............drivel.

barca are like a love-lorn spotty teenager lusting after a pop star.

One minute they are willing to accept him back, but only on the cheap, you understand, the next minute they wouldn't take him back for all the tea in China because he was "disloyal".

Now they are thinking of 50m and are excited because he has told his agent to f-off for talking to real.

It's fine, but why the f%$& do any Arsenal sites take this even vaguely seriously?

sikatinavra said...

we've to win champions league. otherwise player will thierry :(

Anonymous said...

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