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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lehmann: “Arsenal players lack experience and they are young enough to be my sons”

By Aries

Jens Lehmann has been frustrated this season loosing his place to Manuel Almunia yet he has decided to stay in London in the hope of still winning something with Arsenal.

In an interview with he revealed that he has no real friends at Arsenal and that of course includes Almunia:

“When you compete with some guys they can't separate the professional aspect from the personal. So there is no big friendship but that does not worry me”

He also revealed that the main reason he has no friends is that most of the Arsenal players are young enough to be his sons!

“I socialised with Thierry Henry and Freddie Ljungberg sometimes, but right now when you look at the squad there is only Gilberto Silva who is near my age and has children”

Comparing the “invincibles” team with the current one he considers that the current team has a lot of technical ability but lacks experience and stamina.

“There are some really good players but now when it comes to the end, it is not only quality that matters but stamina and experience as well”

He is unsure of what to do in the summer after the Euro 2008 ends.

“I don't know what I will do after the summer. I will play the European Championship and then it depends on whether I get a good offer. If I do, I might play on another two years, and if not, I might retire probably.


Anonymous said...

People will go on about him being bitter at losing his place, but I think what he is saying is accurate. The Invincibles had Cashley 24, Sol 29, Toure 22, Lauren 27, Pires 29, Vieira 28, Gilberto 27, Edu 26, Ljungberg 27, Bergkamp 34 and Henry 27. Most of them were at their peaks. This team, only Gallas (and Eboue, it seems) can improve no more.

Also, Lehmann has a 15 year old son (I think)...some of the players are barely older.

We do need more experience in a chase for honours.

Anonymous said...

also knows he is better than Coco the Spanish waiterHe

Anonymous said...

He also knows he is better than the Spanish waiter

sikatinavra said...

we need goalkeeper


almunia the terrible,

Tuesday February 01, 2005

and this year 2008,

home manchester united, birmingham away, chelsea away...and more

almunia mistakes again

also i still cant forget CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2005

he is so fucking stupied

if we'll be the champions of europe this year, will be a miracle like liverpool with dudek

fuck almunia, we need something like buffon, casillas, cech(before his injury) or maybe neuer (schalke).

wake up wenger, you are sleeping for years now for goalkeeper position

Anonymous said...

When most of the current crop reach their peak, Immortals will be more like it.

Anonymous said...

Cesc's father is only a year older than Lehmann is. So while it is a standard phrase to say that someone is "old enough to be his father" this case, it's pretty damn apt.