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Monday, March 10, 2008

Rosicky blames injuries on busy English schedule but reveals his expected return

By 1970’s Gooner

Tomas Rosicky’s absence from the Arsenal line up has come at the most busy time of the season when the run in for the title begins to gather pace and the Champions League fixtures reach the knock out stages.

He has been rather injury prone as of late being out of first team action since the FA Cup game against Newcastle at the Emirates on the 26th January.

“Of course, it is very annoying to miss these games," he said to Czech television station Nova.

"The injury simply does not want to fade away but now it seems like it has been improving a little bit.”I am now training with the ball."

He has blamed his injuries to the very heavy schedule of games in England where there is no winter break to give the chance for the body to recover.

“The Bundesliga has a winter break whereas here in England winter is the time when the games are played in quick succession"

"In Germany the players can have a rest and have a winter pre-season, which is a big advantage of course. That is not the case here which is a big difference," he said.

Tomas played in Germany for Borussia Dortmund before catching Arsene Wenger’s eye earning a transfer to North London in May 2006.

There is doubt however whether Rosicky’s injuries can be blamed just on the idiosyncratic busy English winter schedule.

According to the Czech team’s doctor Pavel Kolar "Tomas has an imbalance of his muscle structure,"

Kolar is renowned for his work in rehabilitation, in addition to his treatment of celebrities in the world of sports, politics and entertainment.

He gained wide recognition for his treatment of former Czech President Vaclav Havel.

"In my opinion, this plays a big role in his injuries. Some of his muscles work more and are more developed whereas others are not.

"The problem is in the coordination of muscles which Tomas uses. Muscles on the rear side of his thigh are enormously strained, it is a matter from his childhood." Kolar told MF Dnes as far back as the middle of last October.

And this assessment seems to hold some truth as Tomas has a string of recurring muscle injuries.

Have a look at his long list of injuries since he joined the club:

2008 February 1st: Hamstring Injury

2007 November 7th: Groin Strain

2007 September 20th: Hamstring Injury

2007 July 30th: Hamstring Injury

2007 April 30th: Hamstring Injury

2007 March 1st: Groin Strain

2006 November 10th: Hamstring Injury

2006 August 18th: Groin Strain

2006 May 31st: Thigh Muscle Strain

He was limited to just 22 appearances last season due to various muscular injuries.

Kolar insists exercises will cure Rosicky's problems but it will take a long time:

"It is a task for at least three to five months. But it depends how frequently he turns to the exercises”

Tomas himself has said that he expects to return to action in time for the Champions league Quarter Final which will take place on April 1st (on fool’s day)!

He will miss the home game against Middlesbrough next Sunday as well the away games at Chelsea and Bolton Wanderers.

Let’s hope the Arsenal physios and himself address his muscle problems properly so that the probability for any more injuries is kept to a minimum.

Three reasons for Arsenal’s stutter at the JJB give hope for the future


Anonymous said...

He says its due to the ''busy schedule'', but he's hardly played any games regardless of how many he could have played.

If he'd played every single game up till now and THEN been injured, then fair enough.....but not with the handful he's played.

Anonymous said...

he doesn't play enough to get busy.
great player but too much of a sicknote.
if he loves German league so much its a shame he had to come here for to double his wages.we apologise for all the work he has had to do

Anonymous said...

seems he still got his winter break and a nice few quid for it

Anonymous said...

1st of April???
Thought Sir AW said it would be 12 days??

Anonymous said...

The boy is made of glass , we cannot base our campaign on him or RVP, injuries are part of the game but these two break a finger nail and it effects their calf/thigh.

Regardless how the season ends Wenger must buy a class winger and striker , as these two will inevitably get injured.

Anonymous said...

i really like him as a player... but we can't carry on like this...

back up for next season would be vela next season?

Anonymous said...

i really like him as a player... but we can't carry on like this...

back up for next season would be vela ?

Anonymous said...

I love him as a player but people are right. This can't keep going on, I just hope he IS doing the exercises he's supposed to be doing,because he is truly class! Vela will take up as a left wing then as a striker like what Theo is doing on the right wing,Diaby is not that great of a winger and does do better in a central position. So next season Vela will most likely be Rosicky's back up (which is a good thing because he has great skill and pace) or if these injuries keep up it might be vise versa,or however it's spelt lol.

Anonymous said...

I swear, when he first got this injury, it was supposed to keep him out for 3 days, not 3 months!


Anonymous said...

TV Nova is a totally useless source, basically the kind of Sun media. You shouldn't take anything like this seriously.

The article here mentions several nonsenses. Rosicky's current injury has nothing to do with "muscle imbalance" and the strains he has had previously - he stated so on his own website.

So, a poor poor article overall from AA.

It makes Rosicky look like a complaining, selfish player. But if you look at the quotes, they hardly mean anything like this. He's trying to explain, I'd say. He's pretty upset himself for not playing, it's visible anytime he needs to be withdrawn.

MeteorMonster said...

Two things to take into account here:

1. The statement regarding his muscle imbalance was made at the start of the season and therefore why was he not put on a program to correct the imbalance or knowing he was injury prone why did Arsene not get an adequate backup in the January signing period?

2. Vela is not a replacement for Rosicky. Vela is a true Left winger who is also capable of playing up front in the slot. Vela is left footed, Rosicky is right footed and is a converted central mid fielder. They bring totally different elements to the game and could be used together.

Having said all that, it is time for Arsene to strengthen the squad by bringing in a few solid, experienced and dependable "Old Soldiers" who won't mind sitting when they have to, but will perform at a consistently high level when called upon.

We are all excited about the "Young Guns" but take a look on the rosters' of our greatest seasons and you will find the Keogh's and Parlour's.

HHHMMMMMMM Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

meteor, saying vela is a replacement for Rosicky is not the same as saying they are the same type of player! he was just saying that if Ros does not play Vela can play left side of midfield. sure they will have differenct strengths but they line up in the same position in the team.

I love Tom, but its not right that he plays so few games per season. wenger planned to have him about for the key games this season, particularly in the run-in and he just has not been around for them. havng to use young 'reserve' type players all season is not what we need if we are serious about winning things.
wenger should have known this before the seasons started and we should have bought a winger in the summer as many many fans were begging for.

Anonymous said...

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