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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Denilson:”We showed personality to beat Manchester United”

By Aries

Denilson has been talking to the media after the fantastic win against Manchester United.

He was very excited as this was his very first game against Manchester United which, happily for him, ended in a victory.

“Manchester United was the only team that I had not faced in the Premier League and it was a special game for me, especially because we won” he said after the game.

The Brazilian also spoke about the criticism that the Arsenal team and Arsene Wenger have received in recent days because of the low average age of the team.

He went on to point out that even if the team was young it did not lack experience:

“Many say that Arsenal is inexperienced and for this reason should not win anything this season. But I do not agree. Our team is really young but has many experienced players” he said.

He also pointed out that the players proved their capabilities where it mattered, on the pitch showing personality in doing so:

“the most important thing is not talking about winning but demonstrating it in the field. Today we have done so, we showed personality to win this important match.

“This victory has great significance for us because we showed that we can fight for the title” he said.

Denilson a creeping up on you……


Anonymous said...

All the players read off the same template media sheet.

Anonymous said...

yeah i know
you could see gallas reading off one in the MOTM interview yesterday

cheap electronics said...

All the players read off the same template media sheet.