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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eduardo close to return as he joins first team squad for training

By 1970’s Gooner

Arsene Wenger was optimistic about Eduardo’s return to action only last month when he said that the striker should be back by Christmas.

Well it seems that this may be sooner than we think as Eduardo has already been deemed fit enough to join the first team squad for training.

He has been away from London Colney since his horrific injury sustained at St Andrews against Birmingham back at the end of February of this year.

But now, after eight months of rehabilitation and intense physiotherapy, part of which was spent in his native Brazil, he has joined up with his team mates for his first training session with the first team squad.

He was welcomed by his team mates who were very enthusiastic to have him back into the fold. He did not however take part in the training game but followed an individual programme with the ball.

Boro Primorac, Wenger’s assistant speaking to the Croatian press, said that a major review of his progress will be made next week:

“Eduardo worked with the ball. The rest of his training will follow a special programme. The first team will train until the end of the week and a major review is expected by next week”.

This review is expected to follow a medical examination which will be taken into account in deciding Eduardo’s next steps in his recovery process.

If the doctors give the green light, Eduardo will get a few games for the reserves so that he could build his fitness up.

His return to first team action will be soon after that adding more attacking options for Wenger especially during the hectic Christmas period coming up in five weeks or so.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like great news for arsenal, with Ade out and Van persie needing constant rests (although his suspension was a good rest) its good news, also with Vela hitting form and hopefully bendtner stepping up a little bit, we should be good.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!! :D he is the sort of player we need to win the stupid games like stoke and sunderlan :P ;) :D <333

Anonymous said...

we honestly need Dudu back as soon as possible, the present strikers expect Ade are all craps. We need some one who will score 8 out of 10 chances.

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